ANOTHER Sheriff Is Switching To The Republican Party Because Of Rioting And Leftism

After saying that he feels ‘disenfranchised’ from the modern Democratic party, a sheriff in western Pennsylvania has officially switched his party affiliation to Republican. Tim and Ian discuss the implications of switching parties, and why so many people seem to be doing it.

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  1. Every video I watch I learn Ian is less and less coherent than I previously thought you thought that Bernie Sanders "had some great things to say"??? The man honeymooned in the USSR and is a total bolshevik!

  2. Think about the Democrats you know.

    In the past, they were probably a fairly reasonable, normal person. They had some liberal ideas, but weren't complete maniacs.

    Now, they're absolutely crazy. The stuff I've heard successful, educated people say about Trump defies logic. When I ask for evidence to support their insane accusations, they offer the lamest examples that are easily dispelled (like the Charlottesville lie). They usually end up angry and walking away. It's like a cult, the anti-Trump cult.

  3. Tim does not seem to understand WHY Soros does what he does (his son is just as bad or worse), it is only about causing upheaval so he can come in and reap the benefits .

  4. WAIT, What ⁉️
    The Epoch Times 1) Doesn't publish false information, but is not rated credible by "Newsgaurd" because 2) They don't correct their errors?


    You don't HAVE to correct errors if you don't publish false information‼️

  5. No the glass-steagall ACT related to how Banks could use their depositors money. For example, it lifted that restriction on using depositors money for risky investments like mortgage-backed securities

  6. To be in a free society everyone in that society compromises something for the society to be free. Some people don’t think some should drink or some think it’s bad to work on Sunday or whatever it is but everyone compromises something so the society as a whole is free and people can do what other people don’t like or agree with but the free left is t like that at all. They refuse to compromise at all and want everyone else to just bow to them and they are willing to use violence and fear to do it. Without compromise you can’t have a free society.

  7. Tim, your guest host is an idiot. He said "It's easy for them to live off their money." He is the greedy one because he thinks he should live off THEIR money.

  8. FACT CHECKERS REALITY!!! Free Speech…. Epoch Times and others are real investigative journalism, the “errors” newsguard finds are the ones the CCP and BILL Gates want removed from the public eye. It is called censorship not legally enforced or regulated. They are not errors they are facts that are majorly inconvenient for the American People to know. Fact checkers are not checking for facts sheeple. They are finding facts and censoring them to control the narrative. In a truly free society, THERE ARE NO FACT CHECKERS!

  9. Lol this is why I love this show 14:56 , I disagree with you when you lean more torward Bernie socialism, but we share so much in common like this irritation with fake plastic local news and their weird voices

  10. How can you truly believe the second amendment could be based on rural or urban especially when it never states that in any way?

    Do not ALL people deserve the ability to defend themselves regardless of where they live?

    Is that not a basic human right?

    It appears you are merely looking for some way to justify socialism which has never succeeded anywhere in history long term. That is the perfect definition of lunacy…doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

    Please read your history, real history, not only what the revisionist want you to hear. Read the Founders own words, read Locke, read others that speak to how our Country was created and what it was truly meant to be.

    It's not a gun problem it's a people problem. No morals, no ethics, no societal definition of right and wrong, it's all based on emotions…no logic involved. That is the way societies end…not thrive and grow.

    Ignorance is curable with knowledge.

  11. Tim, you're gonna get emails about George Soros because he's a king pin funding the DNC, Antifa and BLM.


    Then Michael Bloomberg. He's independently financed the DNC.

  12. Anyone that disagrees with a liberal is a liar. Anyone that stands up for America is divisive. Anyone who supports private property rights is a racist. The democrats values are anti-American.

  13. Wealth is the reflection of the value a person has contributed to society at large as determined by the rest of society. Money is the debt owed by everyone to you for all that you've done for others and thus also to them.

    I make soap. Another person needs soap or at least wants it. It is valuable enough to them to give me four dollars, about half an hour of their life, to get. I have made someone else's life better by four dollars. Because I did that, that person doesn't need to make soap and so is free to do other things which will make the lives of other people better, so I have made the world a better place by four dollars. Because of this, I have the right to turn around and demand four dollars worth of goods or services from other members of society because they owe me for what I did for someone else. This is the fundamental meaning and nature of currency.

    Like it or not, millionaires and billionaires have made this country a better place to the value of millions of dollars. It is not something they stole, in general corruption exists at all levels of society but the fairly made money far exceeds the dishonestly made money, they have the right to demand millions of dollars worth of goods and services from the rest of society. If what they want is to have a say in the function of government by what right will you try to silence them? They are owed this, they have done more for society than you have. They do not have the right to have the sole say in how the government functions for the society that makes their wealth possible is a voluntary contractual agreement between all people and you can not force a person to agree to a contract or a change to an existing one. Everyone has the right to have some say in how the contract is enforced and what it's terms will be, but it is perfectly natural for those have the biggest stake in that contract and who will be the most important in enforcing and carrying it out to have the biggest say in the terms of that contract.

  14. Here's an idea for you. Get the gov out of everyones pockets and allow wealthy individuals to GIVE money to others and not pay taxes on it. If the gov wasn't always trying to "distribute (while confiscating for themselves) wealth, I think wealthy people would do much more. If someone trys to take something from a person, the natural response is to work much harder to protect it. The problem is the government playing an illegitimate Robin Hood.

    Think about this also, in the old days before the government was regulating employers so extremely, the employers brought on apprentices, trained them well, set up pensions for them (not talking about unions. unions were only needed where super greedy employers.), treated them as family, promoted them. Sure, those things still happen, but not near to the degree it was before heavy regulation.

  15. My question: Why the hell was this guy EVER voting Democrat? At all? Pro-gun, anti-abortion, member of the NRA, this doesn't smell right. This guy is either incredibly stupid and never realized what the Democrats have been for decades, or he has always been a Republican and this just isn't true.

  16. Yeah, but if I had a hundred million dollars, I wouldn't be answering to anyone. I'd buy some land, & get the hell away from people. Yeah, I'd pay my taxes, but I would donate to whatever cause I fucking feel like. Or not. That's nobodies business. I don't know what you do with your money, nor is it any of my damn business.