Another Wave Of Democrats QUITTING Party And Plan To Vote Trump, Democrats REFUSE To Heed Warnings

Another Wave Of Democrats QUITTING Party And Plan To Vote Trump, Democrats REFUSE To Heed Warnings. In a full page ad in the New York Times, Pro Life Democrats warned the democratic party they were alienating voters and would lose to Trump.

In an article called Letters from the Politically Homeless, Bridget Phetasy explained how she read through hundreds of emails from people who felt abandoned by their parties.

While there are many conservatives who will refuse to vote republican this time around and will support Biden, it seems most people are going from Democrat to Deplorable and will vote Trump.

BLM Leftist riots, covid hypocrisy, and life vs choice seem to be huge factors in why this is happening.

Democrats have been warned and just keep doubling down.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. If murder is outlawed by states and not the federal government, then abortion should be too. It has nothing to do with the federal government.

  2. Guess what happens when you start adding feces to a cake? The cake gets progressively sihtteir until you can't tell the difference anymore. Same goes for democrats switching to the republicans. Eventually they're gonna turn the republican party into the same politically correct, woke sihtohle, just like the one they've just left.
    Do Not. Accept Them.

  3. I refuse to believe Trump will win. Supporting riots that burn down businesses is a guaranteed way to win the people over.
    Senility is the cherry on the cake for Biden.
    If Joe loses the election was rigged.

  4. Yeah, as a person, Trump is a sack of sh**, but he's very good at the job. I'm fine with it. As you get older, you find that you have to take what people give you, and you can't make people be better than they are. Nobody is perfect, most people are very disappointing … we work with what we got. And what we got is someone who has performed very well under unreasonably heavy duress.

  5. Use to be pro choice! No longer. It takes two! Why does the male have no say in this creation that he helped to create. Baby wouldn’t be there if not for him. I believe in fairness. Also, if a person is killed and is pregnant, they are charged with two murders. Also i feel it’s a human at conception. So how can I be pro choice. My aunt was raped in Chicago, she kept baby. To her it was a life. That’s love. Other choices besides abortion. My opinion.

  6. I am fully against abortion, except in cases of rape and if the pregnancy could kill the mother. That being said, I live in the real world with misguided people that think it’s fine, so I have to moderate my expectations. No restrictions on when you can kill a child is not only crazy, it’s evil. When does the child have a chance? When it can say it doesn’t want to die, or when it can run away? Can I abort people in my life that I find inconvenient? If a woman can dispose of an inconvenience brought on by her own poor decision making, why can’t I dispose of certain inconveniences that aren’t my fault?

  7. I have u as a subscriber and tonight didn't get any of your many videos that you do in a day. This is weird considering I watch the majority of your videos in a day. Could be a conspiracy theory?

  8. In 2016 I did NOT vote…
    I "joked' that the race was between Satan and the Antichrist.
    Now in 2020 I will be enthusiastically voting for TRUMP.
    Do I love everything about him?
    Hell no…
    But if Biden wins I truly fear for the future of my beloved Country.
    IMO TRUMP is the imperfect HERO that America NEEDS right now.

  9. sorry Tim I only watch the first 5 minutes of your show. because you spend 30 minutes on the same subject which you argue for and against. meaning you relate to the right but then justify the left view. lol sorry I know you try to stay centered. but the truth is the right is right no compromise.

  10. Remember when the democrats and their medias were saying it would be dangerous to give Trump the nuclear codes… and yet they are the ones bruning, looting and trashing their own cities in extreme violence.

  11. So I just want to say real quick you have been on fire lately man. I’m loving all of your videos here lately and I think it’s because I’m seeing that it’s not just me getting really frustrated with what is going on. I don’t agree with you on some things I’m more conservative now than I used to be but I enjoy discussions on the problems that America has. I crave it because it’s something that is gone now days, it’s one way or another.
    Last thing I’ll mention is about the politically homeless and the politically activated. In 2016 I wasn’t paying attention to politics and most of my views back then were right in the middle. I am pro life but hold a lot of liberal views. I’m Christian but don’t believe my god would want me to hate gays. It was only when I was called a sexist for trying to bring attention to the problems young boys face now days that I started paying attention. Ever since then I have been on the Trump train.
    As for my wife she has recently started to pay attention and plans on voting for trump. She had a very close friend named Asia and Asia was black, the only reason I’m mentioning her race is because my wife was absolutely heartbroken when Asia completely kicked my wife out of her life and her stated reason was that my wife was white and could never truly understand the problems that Asia faces in America. The thing is Asia grew up in the country with my wife…… never had any issues with police and got promoted over my wife at work. Asia shattered my wife’s heart and to be honest I don’t think my wife will ever heal from that hurt and it’s killing me.

    The tribalism has to stop. This country can only move forward when people are willing to talk to each other.

  12. It's not just the Green party getting attacked Tim, Libertarians are getting attacked left right and center by Democrats. They're doing the usual if you're not 120% against Trump then you're an enemy that's with Trump, at least with Republicans it's just a vote for Jorgensen is a vote for Biden. Now granted Republicans aren't that far behind either with how they treat Libertarians either

  13. People are too quick to confuse Trump's 'Public Persona' with Trump's 'Actual Character'. His 'Persona' is very much an act in the WWE style. Public Trump uses the bluster of the philistine to give space to others to speak. His ''Bullying' as it is seen is warranted in most cases, particularly vs the Media, and the corrupt and sanctimonious. And what is forgotten is that Trump is a manifestation and Personification of ''The American' > Blunt, Crude, Arrogant, Confident, Dynamic, Unsophisticated, an Oik in the Greek sense of the word. A blunt speaking working family man who likes fast food and Americana. He is an Avatar of the Working American Made Good. In some ways Trump can be fairly said to be America as it is seen by an Outsider, rather than as an American would Ideally like to see themself. Trump is a Personification of American Nationalism. Which is why he is NOT Hitler. Because Americans are Not Germans.

    People forget That also: Great Leaders are reflections of National Character. What people hate about Trump is their reflection in him 😀

  14. I hope the GOP wins in a 50 state landslide this year. The Democrats have been acting insane for the past 10 years, and they really need a slap in the face to wake them up. They cannot see the madness that emboldens them.

  15. I left the left as well so I’m not surprised. They are too extreme now, make up facts, don’t want to have conversations and think the rules shouldn’t apply to them. Covid was overblown and they have made the wrong choice every time. The media is mostly responsible for this. This seems to be good vs evil, not just winning an election.

  16. I was pro choice. At 16 weeks of pregnancy, my wife and I went to an amniocentesis appointment, because she was older, and at higher risk for genetic defects. When the procedure was being done, we saw our daughter kick and swat at the needle, when it was inserted to take the amniotic fluid. At that point, the results of the genetic test did not matter. (And it turns out she has EDS) It was clear that my daughter was alive, and had a will to live, and knowing that, it became my job to protect her. That was at 16 weeks. Define "life" and "human" life as you will. I understand all the "tough cases," but as far as elective abortions go, I think almost 4 months is more than enough. I thank god for that kick and that swat.

  17. worldsmasterofspirits,tm* no, no no we want them to yell and fight and scream cause the more they do the better his votes go up. also, my polls show is dems switching to trump dude it's going red all across the USA, and the more they yell the higher his number go . if anyone wants tobe on the winning side they shall vote red no one wants tobe on the losing side and no one wants to be a loser and being a dem right now is a losers the dems have lost it, they are a bunch of old ladys who our nothing but drunks] and if they burn this to the ground were going to burn theres oh but we will get out to work