Anti-CCP Protests Erupt in Solomon Islands, Australia Sends Troops

Protests erupted in the capital of the Solomon Islands last week and things got kind of ugly. That’s what most of the media focused on in this story, but here we look at the reason protesters are so angry. The country has moved closer to China as it’s distanced itself from Taiwan, which many people are unhappy about. Watch this episode of China Uncensored for more on what led up to the protests, the peacekeeping troops that were sent in to restore order, and how this all could have been resolved peacefully.

Taiwan and China BATTLE Over Pacific Nation Solomon Islands

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  1. If they take the Islands. I bet they go for Australia next. And people ask me why I hate, John Cena and every celebrity and none celebrity supporing China.

  2. There was a building in Chinatown in Honiara with the Taiwan Flag outside that wasn't burned down. Yet the buildings around it were. I wonder why? Also, no one should assume that the fact that Australian, Fijian and PNG troops are being sent to help restore order is in no way an endorsement of the political situation in the Solomon islands. It's more about not giving the CCP any justification for any further meddling in local politics. None of the countries sending troops have love for the CCP, but they do security treaties with the Solomon Islands. Better them, than the CCP intervening to "protect it's interests."

  3. Violence may be the only way to oust these Chinese proxies. Do you think the Leaders will leave or reconcile on their own accord? Austrailian peace keepers will only keep the ruling government in power. Let the violence run its course with no external influence.

  4. President Trump – POTUS 19 of the New Republic is Commander in Chief of the Alliance – a large group of countries with Russia & China who
    formed a Task Force to take down the Deep State – this is a huge Global Military Special Forces Operation – 130+ countries – there could be
    Martial Law ? LONDON BRIDGE – Events in Europe will see Alliance Forces enter all Common Wealth Countries to take control & make arrests –
    3+ million are wanted in the USA and another 2+ million Globally for their Crimes – Be Prepared – Be Safe IN GOD WE TRUST

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