Anti-Trump NPC Actually Admits They’re “Stupid” Because Their Only Argument Is Orange Man Bad

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  1. Well I'm back. Two hours ago I went to go see "man gobbles at turkeys and they gobble back" and that led me down this rabbit hole of "animal reactions," then "animal rescues," etc.
    If I hadn't opened a new tab I probably would not have made it.

  2. Hilarious! Guy writes about how "Orange man bad" echo chamber is so bad, but titles his article "Trump made us all stupid". Blaming Trump for their stupidity! Pretty sure they were stupid to begin with…

  3. if i where you id vote for trump because we both know the democrats wont run the candidates you actually like so to be honest there isn't a good equivalent to the trump vote nor will there be i mean you could choose not to vote at all but a vote for trump could be a good way to protest the way in which democrats are going about things

  4. The CULT of "Infallibility" has no bounds!
    They think every other opinion, fact, or evidence is a threat to there existence, and will become violent eventually.

  5. Trump:" I'm donating my salary to the United Negro College fund so African Americans can afford a higher education"
    Left: "Did you hear Trump said the N word and said blacks are uneducated"

  6. I beg to differ. Trump has not gone pro war. He was clear on the campaign trail and has said his peace on the subject since that time. He has said …"No one is more hawkish than me" but he also recognizes that we have been in multiple foreign countries for way too long and for little to no reason. In many cases we created the problems in the first place. That said Trump is not going to allow Iran to bitch slap us, he is going to retaliate. We cannot afford to appear weak. Islam doesn't respect weakness. They respect an ass whooping. And he should whoop their ass if they fuck around. We don't need another war but we can arrange one if Iran feels froggy and leaps, one they will seriously regret. Trump thinks like 70% of the population when it comes to these matters. We don't want war but if u try us we will fuck u up with the quickness!

  7. Hi Tim, you may not be aware given that you're in America, but HS2 is being protested as the costs are spiraling out of control, and the project is due to bring in only 60p for every £1 of investment assuming the costs don't increase again. The general public want to axe this white elephant project and instead invest across the entire rail network, instead of sinking all of the investment into this one project that is projected to speed up travel between London-Birmingham and eventually to Manchester by as little as 25%. Instead there would be much higher usefulness to increase connectivity and capacity across the other lines, especially in the North and Midlands where inter-connectivity is especially poor, leading to no alternative other than road transport to transit between towns and cities in these regions.

  8. Trump can make the Left heads explode on April's fool's day.
    It can be a simple tweet, "I believe in Global Warming. April's Fool's"
    They would not know what to do next because everything is so serious.

  9. The reason they focus on things like two scoops of ice cream and slightly larger salt shaker is because they are those kinds of people. Most normal people don’t notice these things because they wouldn’t do things like that to “show dominance” or “put someone in their place”. The people who notice these things are these kinds of people.
    I am getting around to watching this video the day after the CNN laughing at “dumb Trump voters” who “can’t read maps” story broke. It shows that they think that Trump is doing these things because he feels superior to others because they do these things to slight others and they don’t believe there are people out there that don’t think about other people that way.

  10. I've printed out hard copies of every MSM news article that said Trump did anything right. I keep it next to my pile of articles saying Obama did anything wrong, and my full set of hen's teeth.

  11. Tim congratulates this dude for being honest? He literally blames Trump for them being stupid and living in a alternate reality bubble!
    I'd call this a half truth at best.