Anti Trump Postal Worker SMACKS 84 year Old Trump Supporter Upside The Head, BLM DEFENDS Criminals

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Written by Timcast

Tim Pool opinions and commentary channel


  1. Watching Tim go from I'm not voting for Trump, to I might vote for Trump, to I'd walk over broken glass to vote for Trump, has been really entertaining. He's just finally come around to what we've been saying the whole time, the left is violently insane!

  2. You cease to be LE if you will not enforce the law or act unconstitutionally. If you all want to turn the normal citizens against you, this is a way to do it. There is a sleeping giant among this country that is being poked and prodded by these lunatics.

  3. NEVER, be in the streets blocking and harassing citizens

    It should be a serious crime, thats not a right , to violate others ,rights and risk serious injury

  4. Really hope trump wins in november then the gloves can come off with these retards.only thing i will say if he dont go after some of the dems who have allowed this in there citys then he will be just as bad as them

  5. You didn't see any damage on her face? She's holding her hand over the location he hit her.
    These people should NOT be released on bail… that puts them BACK on the street. In the time between his release and arraignment, how much damage will he do?

  6. NYC police union comes out in support of Trump: UNACCEPTABLE BIAS! DANGER TO CITIZENS!
    Nationwide postal workers union supports Biden: no evidence of bias, trustworthy voting system
    Postal workers throw mail in garbage and attack old ladies: this is fine

  7. “Alvin Gary Shaw”. I can see him already. A diversity hire at the post office, right? My post office is full of diversity hires, who all work in slow motion, like they are suspended in a vat of cold molasses. It’s almost like they are moving slowly on purpose. So annoying.

  8. This is not about left and right but right and wrong and there is little excuse for hitting a person of this age.

    But sadly, again, it is politicised,.

    And yet, then a vet, standing stationary, was beaten with a baton for no reason by Trumps own forces, there was no condemnation from the likes of the twerp pushing out his Russian backed propaganda.

    Ask yourself why.

  9. Tim: "Donna Snow says she was whacked on her face…but I don't see anything, but I will take her word on it."
    Tim you showed your viewers Miss Snow covering the side of her face that was "whacked" and injured, besides humiliating other older vulnerable humans by a bully degenerate. How in the world can you say you don't see anything since in one photo she covered the side struck and may turn purple the next day? Good gosh Tim! I love your podcast, but I have to keep calling you out on stupid statements trying to play the, I must see it myself to corroborate the conclusion. Can you not see that this incident strongly points to strong circumstantial evidence since other elderly people were attacked also?

  10. And USPS wonders why they’re gonna get defunded. In the private sector, when idiots do that sort of shit, they get fired, but apparently not if you work for the government!

  11. Speaking as a store . It hurts when you shoplift me.. ouch. Bad enough people are constantly paying to pull stuff and put stuff in me . Now you take it without my permission.. please put it back . Lol