Anti-war veterans explain how US lost Afghanistan while leaders lied, profited

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Two US veterans, Matthew Hoh and Daniel Sjursen, explain how the war in Afghanistan was lost, Afghans suffered, and military contractors profited — all while the American public was kept in the dark.


Danny Sjursen. Retired US Army officer, senior fellow at the Center for International Policy. He served combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and later taught history at West Point. His latest book is “A True History of the United States.”

Matthew Hoh. Former Marine and State Department official who resigned in protest from his post in Afghanistan over U.S. policy in September 2009. Now a senior fellow at the Center for International Policy.

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  1. This is said in hindsight. So crucial that it be aired years before Trump chose talibans and didn't do a thing against pak and corruption of afghan govt and generals. In order to avoid this big sekf delusion of american opinion. Now the same strategy in the states as a boomerang. Divide and conquer through lies and no dems against reps verbal civil war at each other's words with propaganda and media on each side to win the elections,so that those generals and presidents get off the hook,. But this time the world isn't like 10 yrs ago. There is a change with social media and phones where the civilian is the reporter and the the ones who resign after their morality didn't let them be complicit with the lies and troops and civilians killed. Great interview from 2 top level areas, the military and the politics of the military. These 2 are brave to testify. Hope they get interviewed on the USA leaving behind Americans ordering not to let thfm. Pass gate, letting suicide bomber to gate, giving kill list to haqqani checkpoints, why Trump chose talibans, why didn't give visas to afghan allies and betrayed his promise to protect them.

  2. Finally getting away from the cliches of recent dichotomy in media or you are woke or you are with orange man ego trip. This is what American spirit was, information, answer questions with intelligence treating the public as intelligent independent viewers, accountability and testify corruption at home and in country at war.

  3. Why you are talking about Biden administration ! Biden have nothing to do with bloody war in Afghanistan or withdraw from Afghanistan. You peoples should bring George W Bush and ask him a serious question what he make plans before he invaded Afghanistan.

  4. Here two gentlemen are exposing the much hyped war on terror , every word of both are true to thier heart and endeavor to save USA innocent public from some high profile greedy man eaters and monestors ..

  5. Only 5 minutes into this and loving it. Matthew saying to there were many other options to go after Al-Qaeeda who were 200-400 all over the world. It did not make sense to invade a country. And how Daniel nailed it that the establishment & media were lying all along. In fact as we see now, fake news is lying to the American & world public even today. Still calling Taliban barbaric and terrorist but we have not seen anything like that from them while they took their country back in a matter of days. If the Afghan people hated them, this would never have been possible.

  6. Aaron, great job as always sir. I don't engage in hero worship but your Dad has had a huge influence in my life. As have you, Max, Anya and everyone else at Grayzone, Redlines, Pushback and the other programs. Keep up the excellent work.

  7. Afghanistan never had the necessary economic and military assets to defeat NATO. They had no unified military and political leadership until NATO stupidity created it. No economy outside of corruption and heroin, and no educational system at all. After 911 NATO's warriors has the most advanced weaponry ever seen, total air supremacy, and the entire world to call on for troops and supplies. So if NATO couldn't defeat the Taliban it isn't for the lack of every military and economic advantage. It's because NATO's political and military leadership is self-serving, arrogant, racist, corrupt and brutally stupid.
    HL Mencken – "Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people."
    Voltaire – " Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities."

  8. Please stop calling these people and others like them "anti-war". They don't oppose war in general or the Afghanistan war specifically. They are simply criticizing the way the war is being fought. They are still very much worth listening to. They provide a lot of good information about what actually happened in Afghanistan. They identify specific lies the US government (including but not limited to the military) has told. For those of us who are actually opposed to war, an accurate picture of it can be an enormous help. However, if you are looking for activists who articulate the sound moral and political reasons why the Afghanistan war should not have ever begun, these are clearly not the

  9. It’s essential to understand the wider implications of all this. Danny and Matthew are describing not just the prosecution of one war in one dusty corner of the world; this is NOT a bad-apple, one off mistake. This is how the currently organized form of American governance – the mutual interpenetration of corporate imperatives of profit and “government” policy, both foreign and domestic, under the watchful control of an oligarchic elite – operates abroad AND at home.
    It is a carefully crafted system designed to extract material wealth from every situation, every relationship, every assailable corner of the planet, by any means possible.
    And it is the essence of a lifestyle to which its beneficiaries will never, EVER allow ANY significant structural change that bends toward equity, justice, or any form of true democracy, precisely because such a change would imperil the existence of the entire self-inflating, inherently predatory shebang.
    My deepest respect to these three men for emerging from the grinder, standing up on their hind legs, and declaring “Enough!!!”
    May the rest of us who can still find it in our hearts to care find our own voices…..

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