Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) after Vaccination (In-vitro study)

Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) from Vaccines and Antibodies (In-vitro study)

This study from Japan demonstrates the requirements for the antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) to occur. Cell proteins and the antibody levels are presented. Let’s discuss.

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URL list from Tuesday, Sep. 20 2022

Reevaluation of antibody-dependent enhancement of infection in anti-SARS-CoV-2 therapeutic antibodies and mRNA-vaccine antisera using FcR- and ACE2-positive cells | Scientific Reports

Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPS) | UCLA Broad Stem Cell Center


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  1. Dr Been. One detail question : do you know how to relate the antibody level measured on the LabCorp scale? I don’t know what 1 ugm/ml translates to in terms of the available tests. LabCorp just reports U/ml without explaining what “U” means.

  2. I'm glad that you point out that this study doesn't take into consideration the previous infection status. There is another way to study this, the people that took the jab!

  3. Where do we suggest new possible papers for Dr.Been to discuss. A recent preprint is fascinating, and I am amazed many in Substack are not talking about its implications. The preprint is titled "Pre-exposure to mRNA-LNP inhibits adaptive immune responses and alters innate immune fitness in an inheritable fashion" Its authors found reduced immune response not to just the mice who received the mRNA-LNP's, but also their progeny. Several other papers are looking at epigenetics from acute medical events, but no one has yet to acknowledge the LNP's alone could cause these monumental changes.

  4. Very interesting, it would be good to understand in a infected person who was vaccinated, if the production of antbodies by the memory B cells, compensates the ADE to clear the virus or if ADE prevails.

  5. I am confused. To me, antibody uses Fc receptor to get into the cells and virus uses ACE receptor to get into the cells. Of course Omicron need both receptors as well. Also, for omicron, antibody becomes non naturalizing, the ADE causing antibody. It validated Geert's theory: keep vaccinating in the pandemic will lead to stronger ADE causing variants.

  6. Months ago, if not a year ago, when booster covid shots were being debated due to the growing concerns over new covid variants, one hypothetical concern I had, and why I told the person to get the booster, was that low or falling antibody levels , after three months or more post initial vaccination, could lead to an ADE situation. And I'm just a lowly, rural, family physician!

  7. As an aside, a corollary to these findings is …will people require continued booster vaccinations, as long as coronaviruses are circulating, in order to keep antibody levels sufficiently elevated to prevent ADE? Also, if exposure or infection happens years later, when circulating antibodies are nonexistent. As the body starts production naturally of antibodies, will there be a window – a level – at which ADE is promoted? (Especially in people who had the vaccine, but had never had covid before – similar to Dengvaxia?)

  8. so , as much as i do learn from ur discussion , i never understood why you took it ? with all the knowledge you have aquaried so far and shared to all , chasing up and studying it since all that started, the only question i have for a smart person that you are, is why you choose to take it?. you knew it all , and yet alone whilst teaching you took it?! i never understood this . you have said and broke up all this in a details how dangerous it is . so why you took it?

  9. As a layperson who's never heard of ADE, I would appreciate the Scientific American approach by keeping it simple on the first page. Give the Readers Digest version of the nomenclature, how the debate lines are drawn, and the significance of the questions presented. This presentation is like starting a PChem class in the middle, a class that's no fun to start from the beginning. The comments appear to have been written by students familiar with the topic, but to anybody who sees this video pop up on his YouTube playlist, it looks like a learning curve ahead and sends me scuttling back to Kim Iverson.

  10. This is nothing, just do three heil Faucis and call me in the morning.
    move over AIDS, there is a new ADES in town and there aint room for both of ya in the clotshot.
    What does a labrat say before they die for the science?


  11. Thank you DR Syed for your critical review of this very important study, another piece of the puzzle with many more yet to assemble. The complexity of these findings show there is more, undoubtedly much more, yet to be discovered about the interactions between the vaccines, therapeutics, mutational variations, and the individuals who receive them versus those who do not. I think this research is likely to go-on for years. In the meantime, we have learned many ways to promote our immunity and I personally, have made a strong commitment to it. I hope others will do the same.

  12. It’s a lot worse than this , soon all the baby killers will start to get extremely sick and death will follow , never ever believing in the government full of pagans is a good idea

  13. This was always a concern of mine, especially for those in my family that received the jabs and boosters. I am relieved that there are others factors, safe buffers, that help us overcome ade beyond the vitro study. Thanks.

  14. Funny I watched all your videos but there was a guy……Kevin mccarin a level three lab principal investigator that totally 💯 disregarded the so called globalist vaccine….his family drank the Kool aid weapon and so did u ….the chickens 🐔 are coming home to the democrat homes

  15. I know you gave the rationale but I am disappointed that this paper didn't also look at antibodies after natural infection because, without doing this, it really does offer itself up to being used as ammunition by anti-vaxers. I have no problem with people questioning various issues around the vaccine, there are things that I am concerned about, but sometimes the arguments of the people taking that most black-and-white "it's poison and scientists need to be prosecuted" positions are based on taking single pieces of research out of context and with no critical thought applied.

    As an example, there are lots of studies about the potentially damaging effects of the spike protein so, since the vaccines introduce the spike protein into the body, vaccines are to be avoided at all costs. This totally ignores the fact that a natural SARS-CoV-2 infection will also create spike protein within the body and an infection that takes hold to the extent of becoming symptomatic for even a few days is almost certainly creating a much greater concentration of spike protein in the body compared to any of the current vaccines. I fear that very similar narrow thinking to attempt to justify a position could occur here when talking about the potential for ADE.

    Yes, from this study it does appear that there is at least the possibility (I state it that tentatively since it is in-vitro) that residual antibodies, i.e. once levels have contracted to be in the danger zone, could cause ADE but it is not only vaccines and monoclonals that introduce antibodies into a person. Natural infection will also cause antibodies to be created and subsequently, due to post-infection contraction of the antibody levels, I would expect them to at some point drop into that danger zone wrt the possibility of ADE. Their neutralising potency against subsequent infections might also be reduced due to new variants and potentially also immune imprinting.

    How infection-induced antibodies contribute to this overall ADE picture (or lack of ADE, we still don't know the real picture in humans) really does seem to me to be something that is important to study.

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