Antifa And BLM Leftists Brutally Beat Trump Supporters And Random People In At Million MAGA March

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  1. There is no secret plan. I voted for Trump but he can't pull this out of the tailspin it's in. Biden will be a puppet President and by 2024 America will be in dire straights.

  2. If Trump protestors were beating on Antifa, they would get killed. A 100,000 people were marching.
    Watch if Joe gets in they won’t put up with Antifa.

  3. Say what you will about the Proud Boys, but they are doing the job of the Police right now. The police should be providing protection, but they're not. I'm close to openly endorsing the Proud Boys going full beast mode on BLM/Antics thugs.

  4. Leftists, stop now, you're not prepared for what will happen if your so called opponents become militant. They're armed, they're organised and they're motivated by love of God, country, family, and way of life, and they'll die to defend it. Most of you think hardship is going without internet connection, civil war isn't just war, it's the most brutal type of war. It doesn't have to be this way, it's never too late, you've been conned, you're fighting for people who are using you for their own gain, it's a scam which has been going on for a very long time. Your enemy doesn't wear a magazine hat, your enemy is evil, and it's currently taken hold of your soul. Stop, think, and banish those inner demons! Don't wait until your days are done, because when you realise your mistakes, it'll be too late, and there'll be no way back.

  5. No, tim. Your spineless for begging Susan to take down your video with Alex Jones. You were such a weak source grape next to a nan with real freedom and energy. It was by FAR your biggest and BEST show but you bent over to beg for his removal. Disgusting. And after acting so sour and so weak and so petty and so immature next a real man.

  6. Tell me the difference between a proud boy and myself? Nothing, get your head out of your butt. Proud boys are as normie as you can get, and you insult them? You know most of those guys are laborers and pay taxes right? You won't get welfare checks no more if people like these leave. But ignore all that.

  7. Wow! Unacceptable! Unfortunately, I am so scared that the far right are over it and antifa is a POS organization and they keep poking the bear . When the far right finally is over it…it isn't gonna go well. That being said, we all need to pray that antifa gets stopped by force. The media needs sued folks…we need to collectively sue!!!! Antifa attacks regular people bc they are weak.

  8. America needs to understand that Antifa supports NOBODY, not even aoc is left enough for them. Antifa hates our system and seeks to destroy it. They are truly fascist. BOTH parties need to stop this. THE MEDIA IS ALLOWING THIS NARRATIVE AND PEOPLE ARE DYING AND SCARED. THE MEDIA NEEDS TO BE STOPPED.

  9. The regular people need to rise up and absolutely smash these weak, gutless antifa goons going after soft targets. Would put a quick stop to it when they know regular people won’t let this shit go down without brutal retaliation. If the police won’t do it then the people need to stand up for themselves!

  10. Not to distract from the real issue being discussed, but Tim points out that there were hundreds of thousands of protestors, while the media states thousands?

  11. Violence does not win all conflicts. All one needs to do is watch the civil rights marches. And to read more than grade school books about the American revolution. The founders didn't choose violence. It was choose for them. And the first idiot who says the American revolution was about the founders refusal to pay for war taxes. You look any further than you're nose. You will find the British forced us into a proxy war. And after the revolution. The United States forced it's self to pay back all British protection of the colony's. Even though French American war was fought by colony forces.

  12. 226,000 people. GET it Right Tim!!
    and thats for a peaceful March.
    Just Wait Until We Come Out When U Try And Take The President that was legitimately voted for Out. We are Coming Tim And Its Not Gonna be a Civil War Of The Mind. It Will Be A Civil War Of The Magnitude which U Have Never Seen!!

  13. The President had over 6 months and look where we are. How many of his
    supporters have been beaten, killed and hospitalized?!?!? He should have
    ended this 6 months ago. Anyone remember that incredible speech he gave on
    June 1st….. now look where we are! Sorry, I don't think Trump will do
    anything. We The People need to stop this. That is the only choice we
    have unless you want to accept this as the "new normal". Think back to
    March and April and what the Democrat leaders told us. They told us life
    will never return to normal because they planned all of this!