Antifa Are Destroying Portland

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Written by Akkad Daily

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  1. Democrats are anti democratic. That's not news. Antifa is just the resurrection of the KKK, the militant wing of the Democrat Party. Antifa is punishing blacks who have left the Democrat plantation. AntifaKKK has destroyed black neighborhoods and businesses.
    The Republicans have been consistently for integration. Democrats have been in favor of building ghettos for blacks to keep them from getting ideas about wanting to run their own businesses.

  2. You Trumptard’s are the dumbest mother fuckers on the planet! You claim that the media is fake news but you retards will drink the foolaid from Fox like your pathetic lives depend on it. Hey fuck tards I live in right outside Portland and drive through downtown Portland a few times a week. You retarded morons have no fucking clue what you are talking about.

  3. i dont even live in America, and im PISSED.. and I feel bad for the people who just want to run their businesses and raise a family, who has to deal with this in their own state/town. I dont feel bad for the "peaceful protesters" (rioters). sorry not sorry. fucking move to China if you have a problem. Youre not American.

  4. To be fair, just because protestors are wearing armor and armed, does not inherently make a protest any less peaceful or legitimate. It isn't that simple. However, when you combine the arming/ armoring with intent, is what's important.

  5. Lockdown wise I think Boris is a little too trusting of the scientific advisors.

    Even skilled researchers and experts in their field can have political motivations, look at Dr Fauci in america as an example. The man knows the science, but he has become a political agent.