Antifa assault ‘freedom MP’ in Melbourne

Police are closing in on three people involved in the assault of Craig Kelly at a United Australia Party BBQ in Melbourne on Friday. SHARE the full report by @Avi Yemini: SUPPORT:

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  1. The problem is that the Loonies Leftys say that Words are Violence! Words cannot be Violence, Words are communication by speaking, dialogue, debate and even argument but they cannot PHYSICALLY ASSULT! Violence is a Physical Assult, it's unwanted touching, it usually ends in physical pain! Unfortunately the Left cannot use dialogue or debate because their ideological views are built upon Lies and Corruption not Truth, Facts and Common Sense! So what do they have left? Stupidity and lies like "Words are Violence!"

  2. “I can’t give an opinion on that” what other opinion is there to have when someone uses a weapon to attack a person just sitting down at an event they are hosting…

  3. Meanwhile, here in canada you get your bank account shutdown, jailed, and confiscation of property for defying the left which is little jihadi justin castro and company.

  4. Here in Canada they as in the Liberal politicians and the counter protesters take the word freedom and make it sound likes it's a bad word, like as in the word F*CK. I know it's hard to believe, but there are actually people protesting against freedom in Canada and no doubt in Australia too. To think that there are Canadians and Aussies who don't want their country to have freedom and that they rather have a country that's ruled like communist China or communist North Korea or communist Venezuela and communist Cuba etc… I'm glad the Freedom MP politician is doing okay. As for that Antifa woman she needs to keep her hands to herself, otherwise she can flock off to one of those communist countries I mentioned above.

  5. I don’t get it so how can cops one minute club you over the head and the next all smiles and chuckles. They are the enablers of our enslavement not friends Friends don’t smash other friends face in just like the UN goons aren’t friends they are both on the same side against us. Let’s not lose perspective here

  6. You are right, Obama has been mocking you to your face since 2010. LOOK at the MODERNA website under partners !! They brag that MODERNA was started in 2010 by Obama and Biden, Bill Gates, big pharma and DARPA !! Now in 2021 they have the perfect vaccine !! lol. what a coincidence!!! lol

  7. Antifa communists need to be wiped off the earth. They won't stop plotting against us.
    Btw I disagree with this MP saying no politician should be attacked. Many treasonous politicians have committed major crimes against us all including Nuremberg code crimes against humanity. Those treasonous ones should be open season for neck stretching.

  8. When you assault people that have peacefully gathered for freedom maybe you be looking to find a new country. The ant-fascist are now the fascist. Also there wanna be communist's also. A system i might add they wouldn't last long in.

  9. The left is all about inclusion, equity, and being sensitive to others feelings, but the second anyone disagrees with their opinion, they attack like viscous dogs. They have no respect for others and their feigned compassion is just a ploy to manipulate the less intelligent and weak willed.

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