Antifa BEAT Asian Man They THINK Is Andy Ngo, Flynn Calls For Military Coup As Culture War Escalates

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Written by Timcast

Tim Pool opinions and commentary channel


  1. This won't stop until enough Kyle Rittenhouse scenerios happen, when the game of beating people in the street becomes dangerous and lethal for these Thugs The social contract of the law having the Monopoly on violence is ending ,replaced by fed up citizens

  2. if Arizona finds fraud or large numbers of mistakes, the county can correct their vote, send it to the state, and maybe the state legislature can overturn the electors votes. it is something like that, but i am sure there is or can be some kind of procedure. If 5-6 states do the same, it could overturn the election. they overturn elections all the time at the lower levels. it has never happened at the presidential level. that does not mean that it can not happen; it could happen.

  3. They’ve done this multiple times. Isn’t that insane? On more than a few occasions, Antifa has chased away/beaten an Asian person they thought was Andy Ngo. I can’t tell which is worse, the fact that they will physically beat someone for their political beliefs. Or the fact that they keep misidentifying people based on race.

  4. We live in a world where Russia justifiably criticizes the US government for its political persecution of opponents. The US is ruled by evil people that are going to hell – hopefully soon.

  5. What happens Mr Tim if they find the same elections fraud in multiple states and that Biden didn't get majority of votes and it was a landslide victory for Trump and the people are just going to say and do nothing as the country gets worse and worse and the person who cheated is going to stay in charge don't think so what people do don't know but it won't be nothing it might be different if things weren't going so bad at every issue and even Biden voters are having regrets and would like a do over so don't see Mr Tim right on this one

  6. People need to start shooting these commie terrorists. If they attack you in numbers like that it is a threat to your life. Defend your life with the necessary force.

  7. "At the very least Antifa shouldn't be attacking people if they don't know for sure."
    So what Tim, it would have been better if it had been Andy and they beat him?

  8. So they think all asians look alike? Yet somehow because someone voted for a guy who helped this country, they are prejudice? Kay.

  9. It will be like that one scene in the Joker where the police accidentally shoot one of the people wearing a clown mask inside the metro and it sparked anarchy but in reverse where it was the one starting anarchy who sparks totalitarian control…

  10. A string of rope in a black nascar driver’s garage got national attention and major FBI involvement. This ACTUAL hate crime won’t receive any attention in the MSM because it exposes how evil Democrats are, and the Democrats pay to keep it quiet with their massive amounts of corrupt money.

  11. Unless they fix the election irregularities in the election it will happen again and again . They got away with it and that will embolden the left who consider themselves morally superior that will justify any election irregularities to win. To not do anything is surrender and one party rule