ANTIFA/BLM “peacefully protesting” restaurants in Rochester, NY

Black Lives Matter / Antifa arrive at restaurants in Rochester, NY

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Written by The Outer Light

I am a Christian. I try to shed light, on the darkness that surrounds us. Psalm 23:1Exposing the hidden order behind the visible.


  1. the federal prisons are going to be full in a few months. they have no Idea what is coming. their guns and their numbers are of no concern. what is about to happen will shock the world. once these groups are listed as terrorists the real lockdown will happen and the RICO act will list millions in one group. their phones are the rats. a majority of these groups are already in the system and monitored until roundup . it is too late to get out now there is nowhere to hide. the stormtroopers do not care about America or your rights .that is all gone . just like BLM shut down that restaurant. the shutdown of free life is coming.

  2. Thats bullshit
    I would have been a modern day
    Rosa Parks. No I will not get up and leave my dinner.
    When I am done I will leave.

    Jump me. All thousands of you.

  3. What bothers me as a black person is that black people of all people should know how it feels to be attacked for nothing. No, I'm not saying there isn't a history of racism and systemic racism. But the people there aren't doing jack. I was raised by a race educated and race conscious family. Maybe that's why I see how this will sabotage black people's cause in the end. Black people need to wake up. In the end we will be blamed for a lot of destruction in this country. And it's not just BLM. BLM is a front for a violent agenda. There is some background agenda crap going on for sure. It's A VIOLENT movement. You can't just attack people. I totally do not support what's happening within BLM. Martin Luther King would not have been proud. Rosa Parks would not have been proud. These are ignorant people stooping to lows they should know not to stoop to because of how history has treated us historically. Why would you even attack others to "make a point". All of this is just government orchestrated bull to divide Americans and distract them from the real threat which is an overly exaggerated fear about getting sick and the fact that you have two horrible candidates neither of whom are any good. Oh and also to distract from the fact that meanwhile the dollar is very close to collapsing and a large group of countries is ditching the dollar which will devalue even further. When are people going to stopped being conned and wake up? We're not each other's enemies. The best way to stand up as a black person is to have self respect and confidence in yourself and to be successful! The best way to get people to understand you and your culture is to befriend people of many races and backgrounds and SHOW them what a great person you are. We all need to do this no matter our backgrounds and learn from each other and respect each other despite our differences.

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