Antifa Brutally Beat Black Man For Protesting Censorship Knocking His Teeth Out They Are PRO FASCIST

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  1. Maybe Tim you should look into the guy that got permanently taken off for one video expose of the newly established internment camps meant for US citizens now being manned many partly or mostly underground at mostly decommissioned or old bases. These were to be in full operation when Killery got presidency. They are funded so continued plans for this election.
    These were done by Corp. Heads like Google & Facebook etc, Soros funding, the same who had Antifa & blm leaders trained in terrorist training camps & are those connected to the Democratic party many placed in gov. Positions during Obama's time.

  2. Just went to google, typed in "Timcast IRL" and the Timcast IRL YouTube channel was the first result.

    YouTube is definitely de-prioritizing your videos when it comes to making suggestions, but Google is not overtly censoring you from their search engine.

    Edit: in order to make sure they weren't showing me the channel because I'm subscribed, I just tried it with a different browser, routing it through a vpn (still in the states), logged out of my google accounts, in a private browsing window, and yep, Google searching "Timcast IRL" still returns this channel as the first result.

    Dude, I like a lot of what you say, but blatantly false conspiracy nonsense like this goes a long way towards discrediting you.

  3. Tim: "These low-information voters won't even do a Google search!"

    Also Tim: "Google removes information they don't want you to see. They removed this channel from Google. You can't find it on Google."

  4. You know the more I hear from you the more I think you lie to yourself. Antifa is fascism, abortion is murder, and the democrats have no policy that will benefit America. Still like that you try?

  5. Of course they're fascists. You don't have to be a country to promote fascism. They sure don't support the 10 conditions of democracy that we practice in our constitutional republic, yet are skinny jean-wearing dick sucks.. very few with careers. Most of them working crappy jobs and getting supported by Soros

  6. Nationalism was sneaked into the definition of fascism after the end of ww2, by far left extremists, to unload their defeated baggage on their enemies.

  7. Antifa absolutely fit the fascist definition. They want an authoritative regime that only follows their fantasy through the United States. They want their rules nationally. If it was their way they would be “nationalistic” – simply Bc they haven’t achieved this doesn’t mean that’s not their end goal. Nazis took about five years before gaining complete control..were they not nationalistic fascists prior to that? Of course they were.

  8. Tim, it doesn't matter if BLM and ANTIFA are true fascists. They are internationally financed terrorist organizations.
    No matter how you slice it, they are traitors. They should be treated as such.

  9. The 2 sides did not CLASH, the SEWER SCUM known as the left BURN>LOOT>MURDER and Antifia ATTACKED Conservatives and the Conservatives DEFENDED THEMSELVES.
    Sad there wasn't a few Kyle's there to straighten a few of them out!

    This applies to ALL Conservative Candidates, as much as Trump


    God Bless American Patriot


  10. Pot is not bill’s issue, my brain while high can run circles around most people. Its not a general intelligence issue either, bill is pretty smart he is just also willfully ignorant of anything outside his immediate circle of experience. Honestly his biggest problem is the fact that he thinks naming his production company kid love productions was a great idea… might be a hint of deeper problems.

  11. Yeah, they keep trying like hell to turn "TDS" into "TAS" probably because "anxiety" is a softer and much more flexible word.

    It just means someone has fears. It doesn't really indicate whether those fears are justified or not. And, in all honesty, that probably describes the majority of people who still lazily buy into the mainstream narrative. But the activists seem to be suffering something considerably more than "anxiety" over Trump (or, more accurately, the media's never-ending fear-mongering over him). Maybe it wouldn't qualify as clinical derangement in most cases. I mean, we know a healthy portion of them just show up to peacock for their peers… or loot. But for many of those loudest voices in the crowd, it sure does seem to resemble derangement.

    Anyway, they don't want us to call it "TDS"… which is reason enough to keep calling it "TDS".

  12. Stop It!!! Nationalism has not one facking thing to do with Fascism. Take inventory…at the time Fascists came to power, EVERYONE was a Nationalist. Americans in both parties were Nationalists, and in fact, many Liberals/Progressives/Democrats didn't want to get involved in WWI or WWII…because Nationalism. That was Europe's problem, not America's. Chiang Kai-shek was a nationalist, and even said so. He was head of the Chinese Nationalist Party, and stated after China became Communist that he was first a Nationalist, and second a Communist. Stalin was a Nationalist. Churchill was a Nationalist. Every country was Nationalistic. Gandhi was a nationalist. Nelson Mandela was a Nationalist. The Socialist leaders of Cuba and Venezuela are Nationalists…and still are.

    The point is, Socialism, Communism, etc…do not require you to NOT be a Nationalist. It is only in the last decade that this has become a thing, and only among Western Socialists. The truth is, Communists have actually been more Nationalistic than Capitalist Countries. Most Communist countries reject a lot of trade with other countries, and instead prefer to make everything themselves, which causes shortages, economic stagnation, etc… My economics professor was from Czechoslovakia, and spoke to us about this very fact, in his and other Communist/Socialist countries. What causes this is a Nationalistic approach to workers…the worker is elevated to top status. They have a RIGHT to work, and thus the country prioritizes jobs for them, which is easy to do considering their philosophy that the workers control the means of production. This is not the same thing as how Republicans resist mass immigration of low skill/unskilled workers, which causes a huge surplus of this type of worker, which hurts the little guy..the worker…and benefits the businesses and corporations. So as it turns out, the Republicans, while not mandating a job for every worker, are looking out for the little guy…the blue collar worker. Crazy, right?

  13. Antifa has made themselves and authoritarian opposition to free speech. A person especially conservatives are not allowed the right to express how they feel about the political Arena or talk about there views and idealistic policies. They openly suppress the viewpoints of conservative because they do not agree with their ideals that is fascism. Antifa is a fascist group regardless if they want to believe it or not.

  14. You're not the Resistance Tim. You never were and never will be. You're nothing more than a mouthpiece that can't even pick a side or get your own story straight half the time. Don't consider yourself it because you won't be accepted as such.