Antifa Criminals Shoot and Kill A New Victim in Portland

A patriot prayer member:


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  1. I heard about the man with Patriot Prayer being shot and killed. Antifa is always attacking Patriot Prayer. That's why Proud Boys go with them so they beat their soyboy rear ends. Patriot Prayer is a Christian group led by Joey Gibson. They do marches and have cook outs but they have to run the gaunlet to get to where they're going. I'm sure Antifa is joyous over this death.

  2. Sending condolences to the victim & his family of the latest murder by Leftists. Now, the person who did this should be arrested and thrown in jail and then dealt with severely! Totally the worst sort of rage to be taken out on a person trying to defend his right to protest & protect property. The insanity of these thugs is beyond belief.
    Time to get rough and see through the B.S. that Antifa & BLM are throwing around. Hard to be rational for too much longer with these idiots.

  3. I remembered playing Rogue Trader and being introduced to the 40k universe. The dungeon master explained to me that orcs could be triggered to fight if you just yelled "WAUG!" loud enough.
    Rather like aAntifa/Black-Bloc/BLM yelling "Nazi!" and creating chaos by doing so.

  4. The spook agencies are unwilling to use their toys openly because that would give away the game. Intelligence groups operate on the philosophy of collecting information, NOT revealing what they know or how they know it. Quit calling for tyranny, Styx, even in jest. These damned unconstitutional and extra-legal bureaus and departments shouldn't even exist, and even if they decided to "participate," they would not solve the problems that We The People have allowed to fester. The problem is political and cultural, not tactical.

  5. The shooter, who proudly calls himself 100% Antifa, shouts out "we've got a Trumper here" before firing two shots & killing a citizen in cold blood over his political beliefs and because he had a "Patriot Prayer" hat on. So basically, if you support Trump in any way, shape or form, and are wearing something advertising that, you are automatically fascist and deserve to be shot dead. Sick! Of course the MSM won't mention this, they thrive on it for ratings.

  6. The other guy they shot and killed a few days ago was also with Patriot Prayer. Or he at least was wearing the hat. So it sure seems like the far left are just hunting people they don't like or agree with now. Why are BLM and Antifa considered domestic terrorists at this point?! Can you freaking imagine what would happen if this was a couple of black guys being murdered within days of each other in the same city by right wing extremists? Holy shit you would never hear the end of it. The fucking entire world would shut down. If they are trying to create racists and start a race war they sure are doing a damn fine job!✌

  7. Hmmm ! / This Vid posted via YouTube notifications 2 days ago. The shooting was about a week ago. Is Styx late or is this YouTube's way of suppressing stories ??

  8. Update. Blm crashed a memorial for this murder victim. They hit one of the mourners with a car. He's currently in critical condition. Please report. It's up to us.