Antifa Fires Paintballs At Cops As Riots Erupt Across US AGAIN, MN Council Hires Private Security

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Written by Timcast

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  1. Holding a police officer accountable for his/her actions sounds great. It is ALREADY happening under the current system. The female cop in Texas walked after shooting her neighbor? The police officer in SC firing at a fleeing black man and killing him got off scott free? But how many politicians have skipped a proper investigation to side with accusers even under the current system? Now, you want each cop to face punishment for any action that they might or might not have taken even if the damage is someone's feelings? Because under that system that is what will happen. Once again, you will drive out ANYONE worth a damn from the occupation and you will be left with those who simply desire the power of the law to carry a gun and control even bully others. Where is the accountability of those whop allowed thugs like the one who killed Floyd to stay on the force even after there had been complaints leveled against him in the past? Once again it is not the system it is the people running that system. That D next to a politician's name is pure magic. They can do and say anything, violate people's rights and freedoms, break laws even and NO ONE HOLDS THEM ACCOUNTABLE. Not even the GOP. The police don't need reform. They need the system to be employed the way it was created to be employed. Cops don't need to be more fearful of any action they may or may be accused of taking trying to do an already stressful job. Turn your judgement at those who are really responsible. Those in the position that ARE responsible for cleaning up the force and making sure the rules and laws are obeyed by ALL. Everyone seems to ignore these people and they stay in these positions and without accountability you really believe you will see change? Which female democrat politician who tried for president was the AG when Floyd's killer came under complaint? Amy Klobuchar? Where are the calls for judgement on her inaction? Where are the protestors burning down her mansion? No,.. she has the magic D next to her name so she won't be touched.

  2. police don't use C.S. gas, Chlorine Sulfate is a military grade chemical gas used in situations where you need to control noncombatants or to clear a building without killing bystanders, this is much more potent than police mace

  3. Hey Tim – you keep saying Republicans didn't want to do anything? What were they supposed to do, shut down GOOGLE?, The RIGHT works through the LAW to do things and the DEMOCRATS have blocked everything because for some reason DEMOCRATS voted these IDIOTS in THESE cities into office.

  4. Investigations do not happen over night. Any time you hear of one that ends withing a week, it is nothing but propaganda and a false flag event that was planned well before it happened so the "proof" was already gathered.

    This video is proof enough of why ALL Americans (those that are actually proud to be American) should vote republican across the board this November.

  5. It takes time to put together legal cases to make sure they don't lose the case in court, especially as screwed up as our legal system has become. Be patient.

  6. Go study civics and learn that the mayor has the primary responsibility for the safety of their city. When and only when the mayor has failed and it puts the people of that city at risk can the governor over ride the mayor and step in to take care of it. When and only when the governor has failed and it puts the people of that city at risk can the president over ride the governor and step in to take care of it. Trump has to wait until it is blatantly obvious the governor has failed and the governors are not stepping in to take care of it so, unless it gets much, much worse, Trump cannot step in and take care of it. The people of those cities need to send a petition to Trump to step in and take care of it or take it to court. Trump cannot just grab the army and go charging in and that is to protect state rights.

  7. You watch, when the people complain, the commies will use that as an excuse to replace the cops with their Antifa and BLM thugs to bully and control the people. Think Gestapo.

  8. I like Tim and agree with a lot of what he says…but he is always bitchin' about YouTube not promoting his channel…This is not true at all because Timcast is ALWAYS in my feed…I had to unsubscribe because of all of the new videos that were in my feed…And even after I unsubscribed I was still getting notifications…WTF is up with that?!?!?!?!?!?!????

  9. 18:30 You're driving 3,000+lbs of iron. It is a weapon, make those rioters regret trying to harm you and your baby.

    Also, against the mobs, even without police, you absolutely still have someone you can call. Smith and Wesson. Sturm and Ruger. John Browning. Mossberg. Etc. If they insist on violence, give them more than they can handle. At least that way you have a chance of not being drug out of your home and beaten down.

  10. The C.S. stands for Combat Solution. It's the same shit they use on in basic training in the military so you can practice sealing your gas mask. That's it is no joke it is really hard to breathe I didn't even notice the stinging it puts in the eyes cuz it makes it so hard to breathe.

  11. One disagreement with your no cops all private security scenario. It's a bit different than how the private security gets away with things now because the cops wont do anything to them but will stop you doing anything to them. With no cops ya after all these record gun buys? Yeah people gunna be pushing back and these politicians will learn a few security guys can't and never did hold back an entire mob… it was the threat of what comes later. Also hard to get taxes to pay for these guards if you can't arrest people for not paying taxes that don't go to protect the people who are supposed to be paying them

  12. So there is an old RPG called Shadowrun, very similar to Cuberpunk 2077 in theme. But the world they wrote about in the 80s, seems to be happening. Technology wise, and culturally and with these defunding of the police, and in thier world, the extraterritoriality of corporate entities. We are not that far from the possibility of Big Business getting sovereign rights on thier property. Which means they have thier own laws, thier own "police" and thier own sentences for those "crimes" committed on thier property. People wouldn't be citizens of a nation, but of a company. 20 years ago that sounded crazy to me. Today……? Not so much.

  13. No, your only choice will be to arm yourself and defend yourself as necessary. Unfortunately, that is where we are at now.

  14. they make pepper balls and rubber balls for paintball guns. you can freeze the paintballs too. jack up the fps and they can do a ton of damage. I'd consider it less lethal like a taser