Antifa Loony Gets Probation After Shooting Into Crowd Trying to Kill A Family


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  1. Judges are jokes. I've known this my entire adult life. It must be hearing trash people all day everyday that makes them bonkers. They just start fucking with the people.

  2. Just like the VC skulking in the Vietnam jungle, like the Red Guard terrorized the Chinese suburbs, like the ZAPU, ANC in Africa, and Khmer Rouge in Cambodia terrorized people in the 20th century BLM, Extinction Rebelion, Sea Sheppard and Antifa terrorize us in the 21st century.
    New century / new tactics same ideology

  3. Where was Biden, I mean Brandon when this was happening? Biden is the cause of mass shootings and high crime. That's what happens when the leader of the country defunds police and legalizes crime and drugs. And Brandon can STFU about gun control, it ain't happening.

  4. Don't be a litter bug!!! People say we pay for people to pick up after us, if people don't throw trash on the ground we wouldn't have to pay someone to clean up after us…The Legacy of Man is Trash and Poo no joke… Just Saying 😎

  5. 5 years probation, 5 years in prison, what do we care? We’ll never see him or interact with him, he’s in trouble, he’ll get a much worse prison sentence if he does something else bad (since you all think he’s that kind of crazy. I think he should have gone to prison, actually I know he should have, but I do like judges who show mercy.

  6. How long before people start 2Aing tyrants after seeing this kind of crazy? The question will be asked if giving out special treatment like this qualifies one as such.

  7. All of a sudden the Biden IRS needs me to proove my Idenity because i get a refund in like the first time ever. Ive been paying them for Decades and now the Biden Crime Syndicate says im not an American anymore.

  8. We now live in a tyranny. Unequal justice depending on your politics. a presidential election rigged, the Dept. of Justice going after parents who protest indoctrination, we live in Tyranny! What to do about it? Quote long dead patriots or start acting like patriots.
    We now live in a society where Homosexuals

    Lecture us on Morals,

    Transvestites Lecture us on Biology,

    Baby Killers Lecture us on Human Rights,

    and Socialists Lecture us on Economics and Neo-Marxists rule us.

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