Antifa LOSES LIFE In Shoot Out With Local Homeowner In Portland, Antifa Strips Evidence And Flees

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  1. Mr. Obvious points below this comment showed a video with the same Antifa group threatening and assaulting drivers on a narrow road with weapons. If someone pulled a gun and pointed at me, there wouldn't be any talking. This group is worse than normal Antifa if that can be imagined.

  2. John Oliver made a video about CRT saying it is a misunderstood school curriculum and that it is meant to teach children the history of racism early in life and took potshots at Ted Cruz as well as saying it's not right to stop it and the way the RIGHT has acted towards it is uncalled for and overacting.
    Tim needs to see that and correct it!

  3. this is great news!! another nazi piece of garbage will no longer be committing violence in the name of hitler! this is not tragic at all, its SUPER GREAT!! this needs to happen MUCH MUCH MORE OFTEN!! antifa and blm are the ONLY bad guys in the entire country

  4. I live within 5 miles… We hear gun fire nightly… Explosions too… Does Schmidt do anything except let them go?… Lets see how he handles this! I have victim history with this DAs office, I don't expect fairness…
    Tx Tim, keep up the independence.

  5. A dead ANTIFA is not a tragedy. The only bad parts are-
    >This ANTIFA sow didn't have a dozen more of its comrades in a pine box as well
    >Taxpayer dollars went into treating this like a crime with human victims when it was obviously 'overdue housekeeping'. At most, a couple of men could have hauled away the carcasses to the nearest potter's field or some sink-hole, and send the police over every now and then to make sure that there is no one mourning them or creating some kind memorial.
    I'm still baffled at why anyone would ever be in trouble by deleting ANTIFA members. Shooting one of them should get you replacements for the ammo you used and a free combo meal or something, at the very least. Stop regarding ANTIFA as if they are human beings because they will not do this for you, and no matter what you do for them- they do not care. They want you dead, and they want to molest your children and that's the fact. It should be the DUTY of every citizen to slay ANTIFA where ever they are found, and anyone who tries to defend them. It should be against the law to even regard them as people.

  6. If a bunch of armed scum cross your property line with ill intent, they should be shot on sight. They are not there by accident or to blow you kisses. If you choose to be armed, threatening, and go into someone's yard, tough shit – Sayonara, Wokie!

  7. NO, This NEEDS To Happen, This is the ONLY Way to Stop these ANTIFA BITCHES, Regular, Everyday People Standing Up to their Bitch Asses! PLEASE Come to Detroit with that Bullshit, Theirs' a LOT Of Goons Here that would LOVE to Meet Them! @Timcast

  8. Not a homeowner. Not a victim. The instigator. His victim? A 60 year old disabled person. Real tough guy.

    Edit: Yeah, y'all seem like rational, well adjusted people. I guess that's why you carry out so may mass murders.

  9. It really isn’t sad or depressing when the loss of life is someone who actively was trying to take another persons, unprovoked and unintimidated.
    I will legitimately be surprised if the homeowner doesn’t end up being convinced of murder/ serving prison time.

  10. Headed towards armed conflict? In America? Why? ANTIFA/BLM is nothing but criminals, Man. And criminals should be aggressively policed AND PUT IN JAIL, with a wooden plank for a bed. Portland is all screwed up. Commies in the Democratic leadership ruined both Portland AND Freeattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco all ruined. Crime out of control in American cities.

  11. Normie shoots antifa is to Civil war as Normie shoots thief from el salvador is to el salvador and the USA are going to war.
    Normies shouldn't be shooting people, the police should show up for work. Guess we don't get to have nice things because LARPING is just too much fun.

  12. A violent Antifa group with guns against One man with a gun LOL Homeowner self defense. Individuates need to act before Antifa can.
    I would shoot them also if they came any wheres near my family or my home with a gun. But i will never need to I'm not stupid enough to live near Portland 🙂

  13. Ive got it! this new form of fascism/communism hybrid covid tyranny is called:
    It suits them perfectly and is audibly repugnant.
    Ex: " what a buncha Schwabs.."
    "Are you Schwabist/Pro-Schwab?!"
    Or "Schwabism is illegal here in our free-state!"

    Hopefully it sticks…

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