Antifa Puts Out ALERT As FBI Starts Rounding Them Up One By One, Trump is WINNING

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  1. I have to say Tim I quit listening to you during the Bernie Era. I truly didn't trust him or the views he claimed but I do pop in from time to time and this new view on the landscape has piqued my interest. But I have an honest question. Do you think the left is spinning the drain (by pushing to far left) leading to a one party system thus possibly opening up the country to honest political discussion? Or is that just wishful think.

  2. Why doesn't anyone question McCain's military service? McCain had a reputation for being a screw-up in the Navy. His father and grandfather were admirals, so he got a pass. According to a person I worked with back in the mid-80s who was on the same ship as McCain, he was responsible for releasing munitions on the hangar deck of one carrier, causing a massive fire and loss of life. The supposedly had a celebration when he was shot down and captured.

  3. Would have been funny if those people who stormed the restaurant walked in on the Italian mob having dinner. I can almost smell the shit in their pants from here.

  4. The other words to describe this:
    Arson, property destruction, assault, battery, about 30 murders, threats of violence, terrorism.
    And for trying to trap people in a Federal building and setting it on fire, arson, terrorism, attempted mass murder!
    Also, a protection racket and conspiracy to commit many crimes for threatening many businesses to give them money.

  5. Yeah, Trump IS an arrogant, egotistical asshole. But he's the arrogant, egotistical asshole we need right now. As Lincoln said to his Union generals when they complained about Ulysses S Grant's drinking habits and wanted him released from service, "I can't spare this man. He fights".

  6. Got an issue with the cops “doing what they are told”. They have no choice in the matter. If they intervene on anything then they have no legal backing and the same person who told them to stand down will go after them. It’s the epitome of rock and a hard place.

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  8. While some critics about Biden are correct, but key silver-lining though is that he is not the sitting president.
    How come is it even reasonable to blame somebody who is not the sitting POTUS? He is not the one to make executive actions, not mentioning legislations.
    And on the backside of the coin, did Trump do a thing about New York? No, he did not, at least nothing direct. And it was state militia and PD who move in to disperse the violent mob crowd.

  9. Hilarity Clinton is calling for the democrats NOT to concede defeat if Trump wins. If this coup goes ahead, they will NEED the MILITARY on their side. That is why they are making false accusations that Trump said this BS about veterans and fallen service personnel.

  10. He is extremely arrogant and narcissistic and a self- important braggart …but, that's one of the main reasons he is successful…he goes in cocky as hell into all negotiations and deal-making, he's very crass and nowhere near PC…he puts the good parts of those traits into making fair deals…I mean, we may not ALWAYS understand his methods, but, I DO know he's getting stuff done…he's getting us out of war…we have the best economy in my lifetime even after the cough
    I mean, yeah, he's a jerk and makes no apologies…but, I really don't care…like I said he makes the best of his pretentiousness, though.
    So, yeah…I'm a Trumper

    He goes in knowing he will win…its hard to take advantage of a person who is that confident that he's gonna win…AND, he's not beholden to anyone except Us…so I can overlook some arrogance ????? #MAGA

  11. Tim you are on target. Keep it up.
    Also FYI: Q is not new in the least. It goes all the way back to JFK before the assassination. IT has just been behind a veil and has only resiliently come to the forefront. Q is NOT Trump.

  12. I personally find it hard to find people like yourself who very intelligently and in a very decisive manner dissect these issues to the core. Thank you for your effort, always a pleasure to listen to you