Antifa Ruthlessly Attacks Families, Children With FLASH BOMBS At Christian Prayer Event | Ep. 162

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Written by Rudy W. Giuliani


  1. Have we forgotten the meaning of being an American?

    From our Independence throughout over 240 years of history, we have fought tyranny and wrong doings not only in our land buy elsewhere too. Countless battles, many so far from home that our Founding Fathers not even imagined… 2 World wars and others not so popular with the rest of the world. But, have we lost our sense of Liberty, Freedom and GOD? Are we are going to let the socialist to do whatever they have planned for decades? Are we will go down without a fight? Have become so complacent and ignorant that we will allow ourselves to be dominated like cattle to the slaughterhouse?

    These socialists are and will always be minority compared to the Patriots of our Nation… They do not have the power; they only scream like parrots and mumble idiocy every time they open their mouth, and think that we are stupid enough to accept whatever they say… They are WRONG, DEADLY WRONG… At the end, we will squash them like we always do and the history have proven me right. So, do not fear the night, the SUN is just about to shine over the city of the hill and will be again a beacon of light and freedom. (8/5/21)

  2. Wheeler & Schmidt should be removed immediately!! GOV. Wheeler has violated his oath of office declining to protect law abiding Citizens!

  3. Where is GOD now….? OH!!! don't worry you all, God is on his way…. And pretty soon HE will arrive and is not going to be pleasant and happy for a lot of people…. Actually it will be terrible, HE is coming with HIS Wrath, and those who have done wrong will have no more opportunities. BE READY….. The hour is near!!!!!!

  4. Disturbing how many people are video recording and not leaving or helping.
    I truly hope nobody was hurt during this gathering.
    antifa/blm will always be free to do whatever until they meet a brick wall.
    We need to be a brick wall at our gatherings.

  5. What is a hippie? Jesus Christ. You guys are the counterculture now. We should all read "On the Road." I remember all of the terrorists at the Grateful Dead concerts when I was a little kid.. I would love to break the nose of an Antifan. Can hippies do that?

  6. Why is it Rudy isn’t addressing the implosion of Mike Lindell’s Cyber SIMPosium. The only fraud Lindell exposed was his own. Much like Rudy himself. Both men btw are being sued for billions by defaming Dominion voting systems. Fake conspiracy birds of a feather.

  7. They look aggressive when there are many of them, but once you separate one of those garbage anti….
    That one will tell everything, who sent them, who covers them

  8. Don't tell me that they can't track them. Easy. People move to states where police is with the people, not against them!