ANTIFA Tough Guy Spills The Beans On Who Is Backing And Bailing Them Out Of Jail

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Written by Back Up


  1. sounds like someone has to go down to the national lawyers guild
    Ill look up their address to see if they are near me at all, Ill go say "hello"

  2. If you watch the NFAC Stone Mountain staging video they also talk about how they got lots of funding… until Grand Master Jay shushed them up.

    Someone is funding insurrections all over America.

  3. Back between 1942 to 1945,more so every year after 1942, it was apparent that the war, was NOT going to be the cakewalk most thought it would be. The need became very great for more and more men in all branches of the services. For young men like him, whos ways had landed them in reform school to age 21,The marine's would offer them the chance to both serve their nation in its time of need, to get out of reform school, and perhaps wipe their record clean, and a lot of such rowdies like him, took them up on their offer. I'm sure there are plenty from the Korean and Viet Nam war eras that also were given that offer. I think even the marines would be hard tasked to take such as him, and most like him would distain that offer if given, to keep out of jail.