Antifa’s Attack On Our Guest Should Be A WARNING To Everyone, Streets Are CRAZY In Philadelphia, DC

Tim, Ian, Lydia, and recurring guest Jack Murphy (@JackMurphyLive on Twitter, YouTube) talk about Jack’s most recent experience with the anti-fascist forces on the streets in Washington, DC.

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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. That last statement by Tim was pretty right on , because it’s the end of the month now October 29th , and I haven’t seen a cop car on on the road for the whole month, but yet I today I’ve seen three on the way home from visiting an elderly friend of mine.
    So , wondering if the police are out to catch speeders to get there quota in.

  2. Reminds me of some German that won awards for all his fake news a few years back. Just make up anything shitting on America over and over and over again and nobody hardly noticed till he was caught.

  3. Make a 22 cal co2 gun that injects it's target with a gps tracker. Set up snipers on rooftops to inject mobs with trackers. Go raid their lairs later or grab them at emergency rooms. Take them to area 51 for testing.

  4. I'm 17 and I wear cargo pants a polo shirt and combat boots. Never realized I definitely look like a cop to these leftist tards because I dress like a 40 year old.

  5. With the dogs on 9/11 it goes back to pretty much all mammals. For example with young kids you have to let them win when you play sometimes or they will get discouraged. Rats lose on purpose when wrestling so other rats will actually play with them..

  6. I have the feeling that this is what the guidelines about surviving an encounter with antifa should look like:
    1) if you have to engage them verbally be sure to have a both pepper spray and a fire weapon and make sure to record the whole thing
    2) if they are starting attacking you, use your pepper spray to defend yourself
    3) if it escalate use your fire weapon
    4) if they keep attacking, reload

  7. Yea this story genuinely disturbed me. I’m somewhat of a pessimist, never took the civil war predictions seriously, but now I think that is a legitimate possibility when Trump wins

  8. 5:15 talking about submitting to their authority & the intensity of their beliefs. You're looking into the face of narcissistic rage, when you challenge them. They ARE sick, mental illness is sickness.