ANTIFAtopia – A Rant

What an elaborate weight-loss program.

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Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


  1. I’ll be binging your political videos. Bc for some reason even though I have alerts for your channel turned on, the only alerts I get are for game videos. Aka the ones I don’t watch. (sorry)

  2. Bwahahahaha. Fuck the fuck off
    You tried to tell us you where punk. Now you show your true colors. Once again you prove you are nothing worth listening to.

  3. And fuck your lackys that will come to your defence. If you are not anti facist then you are a facist hahaha how ignorent must you be to not get that.

  4. Ruby ridge in a nutshell;

    Government: He's trying to kill the president and the pope get em'!

    Randy Weaver: No I was just trying to live quietly with my family.

    Government: He's trying to live quietly with his family get em'!

  5. Today marks the day that the CHAZ has been shut down by Seattle PD, achieving the world record for time taken to accomplish true socialist utopia!
    All it took were the Chazistanis marching toward Democrat mayor Jenny Durkan's house for the boys in blue to swarm in force.

  6. They tried to come to north idaho a very red area of a very red state. Thousands showed up armed to prevent the looting of our home town.

  7. this dude is just so funny why did it take me until i watched a podcast on micheal jackson to see this guy mentioned in the comments dubunking the accusations against a dead man

  8. I’m as Left as they come and I’m so amused by conservatives’ obsession with the “Antifa” non-organization, which conservatives seem to see everywhere, like Jesus’ face in pastry, yet my Left as fuck ass can’t seem to find them anywhere. ? Keep chasing ghosts, dipshits!