Antiwar NATO Soldier DESTROYS Justification For Ukraine War

Former British soldier and war resister Joe Glenton uploaded a viral video to his YouTube channel describing his criticism of the warmongering by media and politicians over Ukraine, the serious threat of nuclear war and the widespread mischaracterization of NATO as a defensive alliance.

Jimmy and journalist Caleb Maupin discuss the growing anti-war sentiment and skepticism about the Ukraine war among the western public.

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


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  1. A U.S. Army Reservist, 2020 Democrat presidential candidate and previously Hawaii Senator Tulsi Gabbard is very vocal and anti war activist and speaks out against U.S. warmongers and their policies which makes America and the world much less safer. Look her up and listen to her preaching on todays nuclear threat over a no US gain in Ukraine

  2. Believe it or not, we were trained to react to a nuclear blast in the Army, the most important thing being protecting your rifle with your body. Even the Drill Sergeants admitted that if we saw a nuclear blast; we'd be dead. It wasn't all that different than treating yourself for nerve agent exposure, which entailed shooting yourself up with atropine before your muscles constrict and you break your spine. Given the near certain prognosis; what little time I had left would've probably been better spent eating a bullet.

  3. I actually trained in the British army in the 80's for just this scenario. Training in NBC suits, carrying iodine tabs and training in FIBUA (Fighting in built up areas) against Russian troops.
    Its not a fvcking game people. When you seriously have to face the prospect you realise just how devastating such war can be.
    The media are pushing this for clicks and ad revenue…they won't be in uniform but, then, in a nuclear exchange the safest place to be may be in uniform !

  4. The arrogance and stupidity of The US and NATO to escalate war between 2 nuclear powers that could extinguish the whole planet. Not to condone Russia invading Ukraine. Just want to get both sides of this war that should have never happened. I live in Thailand and can’t. Believe the blood thirty emotionally manipulated, war mongering BS MSM. All you aholes that want to go to war be sure to be the first ones to sign up and take your families to the front lines

  5. it's concerning that the US seems to stoke conflicts all over the world as a deflection from its own dire domestic affairs such as senile and cognitively impaired president, government corruption, skyrocketing inflation, lack of affordable healthcare for all, spiralling debt, growing homelessness and wealth inequality, shootings, etc. etc…

  6. Any way you look at it, it's a win/win for the US/UK, because it will tie up Russian assets in Ukraine, but it also impact the oil and LNG agreements between Europe and Russia.
    So, not only does this impact Russia, it also seriously impact the EU, which is what the US/UK want.
    Remember is NOT a member of the EU anymore, and any economic damage to the EU is what the US wants, so that the US/UK fair better economically and because of their selling weapons..
    The EU are a bunch of stupid dupes to go along with this… They state that they have to abide by the NATO agreements, while in the same breath, they ignore the non-expansion agreements of NATO… Well EU, good luck with that, because you'll be dragged down in the quagmire, the the US/UK look on and laugh at you…

  7. I'm glad he mentioned virtue signalling, cause that's what all this chest-beating over UKR is. Moronic, virtue signallers trying to feel good about themselves. And they don't even care that it could end with themselves and their loved ones turning into radioactive ash. I'm really just speechless at the craziness. Have to wonder what the fuck did they put in those vaccines!!

  8. We have been pushing up on Russia since the fall of U.S.S.R the U.S has been killing millions of people in the 21 century we have lost the high ground. We have more people in JAIL than any other country. China is the only country that is more EVIL and we will pay for it .

  9. Find a good woman and move to the country and build a bomb shelter and supplies to eventually make yourself self sufficient you will need land at least 40 acres to be able to work invest in a couple horses that tractor won’t be no good if you can’t get diesel everyone should try have chickens a few cows a pond with some catfish or tilapia in it … and get you some fields all ready to plant at this point unless it’s for practice growing produce is not worth the time at least if you have a good job and can buy produce that is but if it were to go completely sideways and we end up in a nuclear exchange we or all fucked and back to 1900s pretty fast it’s gonna take 50 years to rebuild and get back to where we are at now if we even could all the smart people have almost died off hahaha.
    The movie Idiocracy I swear was like a fucking documentary

  10. there are no nukes! that's how they get away with their bullshit! Order out of chaos, people are played like pawns on a chess board! All government's conspire against the people, = slaves! All this ''war'' is order out of chaos for their Nwo! And jimmy here knows that to be the truth, but real truth can't be sold can it Jimmy! Jimmy might seem ok, hell right on a lot, but at the end of the day jimmy is being controlled to roll out the narrative, = script !

  11. If we had a nuclear exchange and lose a bunch of our infrastructure fuck you better have some guns and ammo stored up cause it’s gonna be fucking mad max X10 especially in the more diverse large city’s…

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