ANZ Predicts a Housing Crash and Recovery

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ANZ is predicting a housing fall next year with a recovery in 2023.


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  1. Bounce back? So people are going to be pulling $$’s from where? The houses are only worth what people can afford too pay. In 2023 our economy levels out. Mc Clowan over here has come out and said a recession is coming!! And he should know as him and the other Labor premiers have put us in this position 🐑😷💉.

    How many are coming out off fixed rates next year?

  2. Indeed, I expect housing will not fall much further TBH.
    Sydney / Melbourne / BNE have already fallen substantially in real terms.
    It's one of the largest falls in history for Sydney, in fact.

  3. Trouble is also, whatever black swan event comes along, "something" rescues housing.
    That rescue now, is stunning rental demand. Enough in fact, to cause investors to come back into the market.

    Right now, I reckon it's 50:50 if the RBA raises in December (by 0.25%).
    It's possible that only one more will come anyway. If December happens, it may be the peak of rates this cycle.

  4. ANZ predicts housing crash?, they're f*cking geniuses, Gee thank goodness we have these guys looking after our money. I feeel soo much safer now, thank you ANZ. Most profound insight.

  5. Seems like the RBA forecast a more dire outlook to me , you can't really blame anyone imo as most people assumed the effects of covid to be the opposite initially, I estimate desirable inner city suburbs to stabilise with slow steady growth in Brisbane at least and the more inner/ regional areas to drop a further 20%

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  7. it doesn't matter. crash? blackrock will happily buy out your bankrupt ass. in 20 years everyone will be renting from a huge corporation. heading for demolition man world atm. or maybe robocop. i wish normies like heisse would wake up.

  8. If they cut rates within atleast the next 2 years you with see inflation sky rocket just look how the Oz dollar dropped when the rba refused to lift rates as high as predicted just a couple of months ago the market is still very unstable nowhere near stable yet

  9. Investing in housing is a national obsession, kids are watching The Block where the seed is planted and they are then pre-programmed to devote their lives to buying a house. The government incentivizes this with the latests tax-payer-funded first home buyer's initiative. Safe as houses!!

  10. I read somewhere that the interest rates were going up every month until at least February/March 2023. The interst rate hike was planned last year. The Federal Reserve Bank of Australia is a privately owned Bank of America, with branches in every country. Why is Australia being dictated by them?… The banks are getting richer and everyone is getting poorer 😎😫

  11. Clean shaven Heise 🎉 looks twenty years younger. Yes, agree. All housing commentary is lip service and primed to cause mass behaviour. Thanks for your critique, helps people to hold their positions and not react reflexively.

  12. It all depends on whether or not interest rates stay higher for longer..that's the one thing that controls all assets and commodities essentially..its only been around 10 months since interest rates went up and inflation could hang around for years..

  13. If you want to make houses affordable then you limit credit to 3x income. This entire fiasco was caused by the decoupling of income to debt. Instead they changed to the ponzi scheme of debt to value ratios that allowed for ever increasing amounts of debt to be peddled in a rising market, with artificially low interest rates because house prices are deliberately excluded from the CPI measurement. Throw in the insanity of negative gearing and capital gains tax exclusion, and you have rentier class heaven. And the worst part is most of the population want some of this corrupt action for themselves. Money for nothing (other than selling the next generation into debt slavery)

  14. I was in ANZ a few months ago , I was told they had 45% delinquency rate and it was going to be worse by the end of the year and early next year . The arse end in my opinion is going to fall out of the entire world economy.

  15. So if the cost of infrastructure to mitigate energy usage in a building makes it cost more and people's borrowing capacity is being limited, then that's a net negative going forward but if the govt intervenes by giving money to borrowers etc… then something will give and a collapse will happen, somewhere and it looks like a Ponzi Scheme of some sort.

  16. too much money printed, increasing interest rate to control inflation won't work, the common people will be screwed who loose their homes for the rich to buy

  17. Well sounds exactly as I predicted. First the deflationary bust, then the next wave of inflation. Houses won't be the only thing to "recover" as the value of the currency resumes it's journey toward its real value of zero. It's not a housing recovery it's a resumption of the collapse of the currency. It won't be like you think at all is my bet.

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