ANZ’s Huge 3% Cash Rate Prediction

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ANZ is predicting a huge cash rate by November.


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  1. When the banks start bleating like this of the worst case they are usually looking for government intervention to boost the bubble. Lets hope they allow a bit of air out this time.

  2. Yeah thats howitis…people dont want to take responsibility for their actions…….theu lose a tennis match, the winner was cheating……they lose a war, the winner commited genocide…….they overborrow, ah its the banks fault!

  3. You are correct Florian, people in this country need to take responsibility for their choices. Stop blaming others and stop looking to the government to intervene at the drop of the hat.
    I have heard from some economists for inflation to be restrained, interest rates need to rise above inflation. Perhaps the banking industry economists and the media economists know this already. 🤔

  4. Really what do these so called experts know? When Covid first hit houses prices were supposed to decrease significantly and yet quite the opposite happened. Tim Flannery said that it would never rain in this country anymore, tell that to all the flood affected people! These are only predictions, we will just have to wait and see.

  5. Buckle up people! Professor Steve Hanke thinks US rates need to be well above inflation to tame it! He was saying the Fed needs to raise rates to 11-12% when the CPLIE is 9.1%! If the CPLIE is a LIE and the real inflation rate is double this the US rates should be around 20% from the Volcker era!

  6. Its very important that interest rates hit around 5% as soon as possible, not only is it needed to slow inflafion, correct property prices, but most importantly if there is a economic crises or a world war or a even worse virus then covid, it will allow the RBA to move to protect the greater economy.

    The RBA can not be held ransom to poor investment practice by investor's. Rise and fall at your own perail.

    Houses won't crash, they will correct, but even if they did crash somewhat they will bounce back as its only temporary. Buying a house is a long term thing not a means to make big money quick.

    Most important if your a property invester or a home owner, if the RBA don't get inflation under control now, the rates and insurances will go through the roof as well as everything else and it will have same effect of driving down property anyway.

    5% is a sign of a healthy, responsable economy with a good buffer as Hyperinflation is far worse then even 10% interest rates by RBA.

    Thats my opinion. Thank bud.

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