AOC & Bernie Endorse Neoliberals While RBG OKs Pipelines

Craig “Pasta” Jardula and Fiorella Isabel discuss on The Convo Couch.


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Written by Shuhood Khan


  1. This is what so many Black candidates have done..Black community elects Black candidates to make a positive change for their communities & represent their interests..and what do they do…they get in there and they….to use your words… 'Fall in Line'.

  2. Progressive got played by Obama, TYT, Bernie Sanders, The Squat,
    and now BLM, don’t say u weren’t told.
    A feminist organization made up of black college educated lgbtq women that see black men as oppressors of black women,
    BLM uses and benefits from the suffering and murder of straight black men, they will never do a thing for the betterment of straight black men. It’s all in their own website.

  3. Are you quislings!; AOC is not Crowley. Is it more important that she is not the representative you thought you were supporting? If she is not then find an appropriate candidate and vote her out.

  4. Let me start from the top,… i never liked AOC,. i seen through her fake ass from day one,.. now everyone is catching up to what i had said

  5. I could crack Bernie in the chops just for upsetting Fi so much her voice cracks as she talks about it. How could you, Bernie?
    Bernie, the end is near. You're older than dirt. You have a chance to do the right thing before the lights go out.
    Maui Bill

  6. We need a strong people's movement to put pressure on the AOCs and Sanders' of the world – to "make [them] do it" as FDR once said; and play the long game against a ruthless oligarchy – in the streets, at the ballot box, with our neighbors, and in our private economic affairs.
    Ventura needs to run with a new party of a l l of the people. The "Green" party (the tool of big oil) is infested with vegan fanatics and other assorted flakes, the "Libertarians" with capitalist fundamentalists from planet Laissez-faire – both are selling out the people and/or are useless. "Socialism" and "Capitalism" are distractions – divisive and misleading – we just need to do the right thing in both the public and private sectors (e.g. MFA, some universal pandemic relief for us, a rational climate policy, drain the PD swamps, stop the empire wars, stop subsidizing the 1%, etc,…).

  7. Lol, ummm honestly u can find something about every congressman that u won’t agree with, instead of u all supporting the few people that do damn sure more than the others that absolutely hate us and that don’t won’t us to win at all, u give non constructive criticism. Once your inside you have to play the game, I understand it’s not good but it’s with any game it has its rules and u gotta abide or u are disqualified. we have to have an inside and an outside game , BOTH are important. We have had one without the other and we never get anywhere if we don’t have both. Yes AOC /Bernie / tulsi, Yang may disappoint us sometimes but the more of them we can get the more they will do more of the right things. They are out numbered and constantly getting bullied. Take the primary for example, They destroyed Bernie and Tulsi, Yang and the rest left Bernie to dry as well. Let’s not forget, we have to get more year 1 AOCs and Old school Bernies so they can act as unbiased as possible if they have back up and they can get the other “Progressives “ on track. WE DONT HAVE Anyone else to replace them so this is what we are working with.

  8. Wow, So Sanders has handed over all of his apparatus to help elect actual progressives (paying for ads, asking people to textbank etc.), making videos for them and you're throwing him under the bus yet again cause he endorsed one or two liberals? Just gotta shake my head.