AOC Closes Her Office To Avoid Healthcare Activists

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  1. AOC is going to say " And they came to my office and yelled " WHERE IS SHE, WHERE IS SHE??? " So I hid in DC because I thought Susan Sarandon was looking to kill me or rape me" Plus you know White Supremacy, The Patriarchy, Russia, The Bronx variant of Covid, Lime Disease, Leprosy bla bla bla

  2. It's worse. AoC and many others are surely controled by the Intelligence community. It's what the STASI did in the GDR (East Germany).
    There are many documented cases of MI5, BND and other spy organizations to get at the top of dissident organizations and not only report on them and their identities, but also place their agents inside those pressure groups.

  3. For as long as you look to puppets like AOC to do something for the people, nothing will ever get done. It only buys time for the puppetmasters to advance their agenda. Time to wake up and realise you overslept and rush to 'work'.

  4. The People's Party looks like the reasonable way to go.
    Let's the Democrats, those sell outs, know that they can get that big money support … yet they can't go on lying to their voters with no consequence as they have been doing for many years now.
    When the lesser of two evils is also a terrible choice…. we need more choice.
    And the People's Party is that choice. Or at least seems to be these days.

  5. JIMMY DORE YOU DIDN'T UNDERSTAND the difference between J&J(traditional vax stays in the arm) and the others(mRNA spreads throughout your system) and I'm sorry about that. If it's any consolation the scientists didn't know either until later. I only found after seeing the video "Spike protein is very dangerous, it's cytotoxic (Robert Malone, Steve Kirsch, Bret Weinstein)". I'm surprised it's still up. Millions of views. They get into it at about the 3 minute mark.

    Malone happens to be the inventor of mRNA vaxes.

    They explain how the reason for all of the complications with the mRNA vaxes is they were supposed to stay locally in the arm/injection site like a traditional vax(Flu vax) but it turns out that they spread throughout your system. It's why people have had heart attacks, liver failure, neurological issues, etc. right after an mRNA vax. It has actually happened alot. While they all have side effects I'd lean toward the J&J vax.

    Also, notice how getting tested for antibodies is not common knowledge. Why not? Getting a COVID test is very common. The CDC made sure of it. No doubt one of those tests sells a COVID vax more often.


    1. "You're not gonna get COVID if you have these vaccinations." – Joe Biden – Town Hall 7/22/2021

    (Go watch it. Don Lemon doesn't say a word.)

    2. "If Trump made a vaccine I wouldn't take it." – Kabala Harris – Campaign 2020

    3. "Many of the mRNA vaccines have gone through the gold standard of the FDA approval process." – Jen Psaki – White House Press Briefing – July 2021 (They are EUA = FDA process was skipped.)

    4. Vaccinated President Biden wears a mask walking alone, wears a mask alone at a podium, and was the ONLY one wearing a mask on a Zoom call with 20 other world leaders.

  7. To make it equal Biden could bomb some brown people to show his courage to do something. Oh, he already did? Well, there still are many left.

  8. There should be an equivalent of the paparazzi, only these groups would hound politicians EVERYWHERE they go: Their homes, their country clubs, restaurants, family vacations etc. Politicians need to be publicly exposed when they fail their constituents. Mainstream journalists aren’t doing this, that’s for sure.

  9. So after you get elected you don’t have to actually do anything? Republicans and democrats are the same thing? Only stupid people identify themselves by their political affiliation? Believing a politician cares about you is like believing a stripper cares about you?