AOC Defending Biden’s Barbaric Border Policy Called Out

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  1. How to lie with statistics is a good book. It also tells you how they lied to boost Obama's deportation numbers. Before Obama, a deportation was when you deported someone from America back to there country. When I am got there, the definition of deportation changed. It no longer meant the prior definition, it changed to mean if you turned someone away AT the border, it was considered a deportations. So, did Obama deport more than trump, maybe but when you dig through the actual data, you'll find that they are about the same, give or take a few. This is why I cant stand Dore but I also like him. He will tell you the left is never gonna give their voters what they want but will also try making the case that even though the left is bad, the right is worse. The truth is, while the Right is a problem. The Left is the primary source of the majority of our problems. Class is and always has been the dividing line and when affluent societies rise up. The political elites need to push and pull society in ways that benefit them, that way they can keep their wealth. The problem here is that the radical leftists think they are doing good for society but in all actuality, they are the militant arm used by the political elites so they don't have to get their hands dirty. Same with the KKK, same with the weather underground, same with the blood panthers and same with BLM. How radical do you think you really are when you are being funded, shielded and guarded by the same political elites that are causing the problems, in America and foreign nations. An organic society would see highs and lows. We are on an unlimited growth model that means we can't have any lows. It's unattainable but yet, we are supposed to consistently push out more than we did the year before. Again, it's not attainable and the only way to even partially maintain it is to fomenting and cause chaos so you can rush in with the solution to profit off of. In short, change the system all you want but if you don't change the ppl in the system, nothing changes. So get ready

  2. It's so funny to think that Trump was so hated by the corporate world, the media and the globalist super rich because deep down they love us ordinary folk so much and they wanted to protect us from him. It's funny that!

  3. She has to pause fifty times every time she speaks, to get her lies and end around in order. So much for change, they got to her quick, or she never meant anything she ran on?

  4. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Albert Einstein. So keep voting for the 2 party duopoly all you insane people!