AOC Gives Garbage Answer on Pardoning Assange

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Written by Richard Medhurst


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  2. I think aoc is someone u need to have on ur show. I think she can be swayed. And I ain’t a supporter of hers. I’m a libertarian. But I can sense genuineness

  3. She is getting the best medical treatment and getting payed she is looking to the future, she can be speaker of the house in 10-15 years, don't rock the boat and you will get your slave wages.

  4. I just have to jump on here and say that I can’t even watch this yet. Just the thumbnail enrages me. I don’t want to know. I’m filled to the brim already with this woman’s bs. Thanks for doing it. At least somebody is. You’re a brilliant and brave individual imo. Free Assange.

  5. AOC plays the wrong cards, she is going to be a loser politically speaking. She is not a leader, she has not the quality for it regardless of her facility in expressing her thoughts or at least articulating them. Tough. The speaker is right in what he says here.

  6. Richard I really wish you would have a spokesperson from the Socialist Equality Party on your show! Please give serious consideration to having Joseph Kishore and Norissa Santa Cruz speak. It would be a breath of fresh air GUARANTEED!!! Thank you!

  7. Unequivocally speaking, one should never inhale whilst simultaneously swallowing any BS that comes from blunt-free TV. Richard, yu are a trooper, sir. Salute.

  8. I knew AOC was not going to fight for us the second the Elizabeth Warren fan club of similarly minded former Republicans started fawning all over her-they only do that for fakes like Warren.

  9. She should have been pressed on her answer. If there are considerations and concerns-that interviewer should have asked her to name some. It’s important to hear these people expand on their ideas and explain how they reached their batshit crazy conclusions so people can see how absurd and fake they are.

  10. If you wanna expose AOC for what she really is, which is controlled opposition of the elites, tell the world about the Baker Schulz plan and how Climate Leadership Council is going to use her push their plan.

  11. This is all you can expect from a "progressive" simply because no one EVER defined what a "progressive" was. So the Democratic party co-opted the label (as they did with "Occupy") and now it means "Blue no matter who". AOC is a Democrat. Democrats have been half the problem since WWII. If you vote for Democrats you ARE part of the problem. Stop blaming them for "doing this to you" and start recognizing that you're an active participant in your own subjugation.