AOC Interview Signals She’s Unwilling to Fight Pelosi For Medicare 4 All

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Edited by Koki Miyazaki

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  1. Shes back tracking and sounds just like Pelosi…"were going to keep legislating"…hahahahaha its hilarious people trust these fools its like trusting someone you rob homes with.

  2. Maybe it's inappropriate to bring it up here, but I'm kinda anti identity politics and I am often attacked as a racist and sexist. Now, if such an eloquent and reasonable woman of colour as Briahna Joy Gray would run for president, I would vote for her over any white dude. So if you are feminist and anti-racist – how about promoting good people instead of using accusations of sexism and racism to force some shitty people down our throats?

  3. Why would anyone ever believe AOC would ever do anything meaningful other than issue platitudes and rename Post Offices? She is and always has been supremely useless and no different than every other corrupt sell out in the establishment.
    Once you understand this, the idea of her doing nothing to stand against Nancy Pelosi makes total sense and isn't surprising in the least.
    Just look at her voting history; she has ALWAYS bowed down and did whatever Pelosi demanded of her. Why would that change now? Because some people on the internet actually expected her to actually do her job and be a voice for the people!?! You are utterly naive if you allow yourself to believe that.

  4. @JD and Steph: I sent you an email as to why I had to remove my financial Patreon support but I must say: I will be back doubling my support when you guys do the actual investigation behind the Pandemic and the lies about it all. Love you still.

  5. Sad to see Briahna so tame and defending those Martini ? Marxists, she normally is the radical that Ben Burgess can’t speak “sense” to ? AOC and may be a curse to the left

  6. AOC doesn't want to lose her cushy job!!! They scared her by taking away her committee seat. She's powerless and knows she will lose if she doesn't get in line.
    How long did she holdout, maybe 3 yrs?

  7. Yea I'm done with this channel. You're either a grifter that presents himself as a needless contrarian that doesn't actually give a fuck about making the world a better place, aka an actual leftists, or insanely stupid.

    For the record, why haven't you given the same criticism to Tulsi Gabbard? She is actually against medicare for all… and yet you have her on your show and have defended her in the past on her opposition of medicare for all… so what gives? Also she recently passed a pro life and anti transgender bill… I thought you were the "leftist that criticizes leftist" guy. Why the silence on Tulsi but the animosity on AOC? Is it a grift?

  8. tulsi is the only democrat with a backbone ya'll should of been pressing her not aoc she's the one sending bills going after big tech, big pharma, supporting small business, reforming espionage act,etc. all AOC does is talk a big game with zero work

  9. Medicare for all means someone is paying more for people that cant pay because they took different paths in life and now cant take care of themselves.
    Tax the responsible people so they can stand in line for medical attention!!

  10. I'm not sure that Biden is actually FOR $15/hour. He mouths the words, but his record under Obama (ask for $10.10, get nothing) says otherwise. I'd bet he'd let McConnell kill it and not give a crap.

    Of course, Biden has always been McConnell's bitch. Read Jacobin about that.

  11. I love to see how self-described leftists shit on Jimmy and try to discredit him by saying negative things about him personally. Argumentum Hominem. You know Jimmy is doing good when the Establishment brings so-called progressives out of the woodwork to discredit leftists.

  12. Remember when Gop passed 2,359 votes to cancel Obamacare. Makes no difference if it passes or does not pass. The point is who is voting which way. Primaries are where democracy is actually exercised in US. The proof of that is the insane amount of crooked manipulation that goes on in Primaries. Just look a Iowa in 2020.

  13. I've heard so much about not humiliating elected officials. Biden just said something about that yesterday, that Repubs know Biden won't humiliate them. Our healthcare system is a daily humiliation for Americans and also we die. Delicate sensibilites of Congress critters are more important.