AOC is WRONG About Biden’s Chief Of Staff!

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Edited by Koki Miyazaki

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  1. Jimmy I love your voice but I can't understand why you are saying Biden is president elect when he's not. That is what msm does, remember propaganda.

  2. Ah.. AOC.. how the mighty have fallen. She's become a dazzling turd sandwich which use to be an unpolished ruby during her 2018 primaries..its laughable as to what she 'accomplished' during the 1 time event in America's history: pandemic edition! A pure SJW with no backbone aka principles. And do I even feel even more sorry for the voters in her district to vote her back into the halls of Congress which makes her hit the lottery of that sweet sweet Congressional pension after 5 years. Its too bad that her own district has suffered so much during the pandemic that she literally ignored them. Good for her but bad for her voting district! Slowly and surely, she'll become Nancy Pelosi-lite.

  3. Obama came in fired many people brought in his choice Trump was hampered down by media propaganda and Russia collusion allegations but even till this day if he replaces somebody with a non-establishment person they're called loyalists to Trump yet Biden is bringing back all these swamp monsters which I'll give Trump 50/50 on attacking the swamp while the swamp was attacking him I don't think people know what they voted for when they were voting against Trump

  4. People might not like Trump's attitude the way he responded to Media attacks but at least he didn't get along with Wall Street bankers lobbyist and most importantly big Tech

  5. I wish I could post a graph like on Facebook here showing the rich and ultra Rich overwhelmingly supported and donated to Joe Biden Trump was supported by the middle class and lower middle class

  6. IMCLONE was the very interesting firm that Martha Stewart went to jail over for insider trading when she sold her stock in them just before the FDA decided that cancer drug was no good.

  7. Chief of Staff is one of the most important positions and almost covert in transparency. From K street, Grover Nordquist once said, "We don't care who is elected as long as he signs the legislation." The grift they submit.

  8. Yea Duped biden low information voters voting in same idiots people gave middle finger too 4 years ago. Anyone tells me democrat voters are most educated is a tool as well. Just cause you got a degree from somewhere doesn't make you smart or educated in things you should know. Looking around finding out information on issues effecting people is a smart voters. Most Democrat's that voted for Biden were Dumb voters case in point California who votes in over and over again people like Fienstein, Maxine waters and Pelosi.

  9. I'd rather have a cactus branch than that olive branch from Alzheimer Joe…Seriously, the libs have gone mad to the point of not knowing right from wrong and confusing an asbestos lobbyist with a saint!