AOC Lied About Capitol Riot, and Probably About Her Metoo Crap- Her Simps Are Going Nuts

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  1. She should stop saying that the rioters wanted to kill her and her fellow democrats. If true, it was very few of them. Throwing it is republicans faces, claiming people like ted cruz supported her being killed is amping up the hostility to fever pitch.

    Its very common to have people get murdered by people who did so out of paranoia that if they didnt strike first, they would be killed.

    I wouldnt be surprised to see more antifa killings amped up by this rhetoric on the belief that killing a trump supporter or trying to kill a republican politician was self defence against an action that said victim was expected to take in the future.

  2. What a shock. Her 'where's mitch' vid mitch was in his office in another building. 'Horror at the border' pic of her crying at fence,faceing a empty field. 'Drinking from toliets' standerd sink, toliet prison combo. And now this lye.

  3. But if she IMAGINES something , then it's true…
    Like if a dude IMAGINES he's a female, then it's true. What's the problem with that??????. By the way ,I'm Brad Pitt ??

  4. Her claiming that someone was shouting "where is she."
    Seriously? What an ego to just automatically assume they're looking for you. Also, if anyone was Seriously after you, you don't announce it but rather quickly and quietly sweep the building.

  5. Idiot who makes it more difficult for real victims (like Tara!!) Also, she is so dumb she cant even see the irony in someone named fking CORTEZ calling others ancestors of colonialists and slavers. Google Hernan Cortes AOC, your ancestors.

  6. Can you imagine being her boyfriend and laying in bed, hearing her drone on and on about her bullshit in that baby voice? I don't care what she can do in bed, it's not worth it.

  7. It's on purpose. She doubled down and sent supporters e-mail blasting her detractors as liars etc & asking for their help to deplatform people, basically. ? I was against it before but can we unseat her now? This is actually highly egregious.

  8. Does anyone doubt that if AOC was an "assault survivor" she would have been milking it for everything it was worth for the last 4 years? It's about as believable as her 2018 claim to being Jewish. (Of course, she is part of the faction that claims that looking at someone sideways is sexual assault…)