AOC won’t go to work because of “COVID Risks” then she attends Concert | THAT DIDN’T AGE WELL #70

Another week, more things that didn’t age well. You laugh you win. #Lebron #Kamala #AOC

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  1. 13:38, Actually, according to Kamala Harris, this IS who we are, cuz America is systemically racist, right? But I guess pulling the heart strings matters more than consistency.

  2. My girlfriend called me a ch*nk one time in front of our Asian friend. We were all stoned and laughed. She then apologized for saying that and we all went back to having a good time. That’s what normal people do, this overly sensitive stuff has to stop. It’s literally ruining the people of our country(USA).

  3. It's like every time Jay Z says he's not a freemason and even made a song about it meanwhile there's pictures and videos of him on the internet being dressed up in a masonic lodge not to mention I am actual friends with a few Masons and even they admitted to me that they seen Jay in one of their lodges

  4. I agree but I’m a millennial and I’m watchin this guy so maybe some people from my generation have brains in their head and not all are stupid people like AOC

  5. AOC, the race-baiting grifter that wants Americans to be poor and progressive, so they can keep voting democrat and change can keep being promised. Stunning and brave.

  6. Oh but never mind the children being sex trafficked across the border! Never mind all the rapists and drug dealers getting across our border! You mention anything about those things well your a racist! SMH the level of stupidity and brainwashing is mind blowing!

  7. As a Muslim woman and a very proud American, I must say, Kamala is a crazy black supremacist feminist lunatic… why is she our vp? I voted for Trump for this exact reason

  8. Who else agrees that Julian Casablancas should've yeeted that donkey off the stage when he had the chance. He could've made bail come on mannn do it for the People. lol jk