AOC’s Green New Deal Was Straight SOCIALISM, Her Former Chief Of Staff ADMITTED IT

Tim, Ian, Luke, and Lydia invite energy expert Daniel Turner of Power The Future to discuss Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’ sneaky method of attempting to get communism accepted into mainstream American policy.

Guest: Daniel Turner @DanielTurnerPTF, @PowerTheFuture (Twitter)

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Ian @IanCrossland (everywhere)
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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. Sub-Saharan countries don't lack energy! They lack management and the human factor sucks. But I guess the guest like to talk and hear his voice more than actually being accurate

  2. This is the issue when you have Mickey Mouse degrees – social/gender/race studies. I studied economics – 101 in lesson is that COMMUNISM does not WORK. I mean- you don’t even need to study- just look at Cuba, China etc.

  3. How in the hell do you get a million subscribers spouting off this horsecrap? Part of the dumbing down of America, I guess. All you people in the comments need to think more and listen to these guys less.

  4. Jeez rush even said 30 years ago where the climate crap was headed. Back then we had al gore saying he had 10 years because of ozone and warming. Boy he got owned by rush in a debate on it.

  5. Other than adhominem strawman.. Any arguments against socialism? It exists among the wealthy. Its called an Aristocratic Oligarchy. You fight for tyrants and serve the elites. You do you.. stop selling your bs

  6. You guys all need to be talking about the cycles of the sun and whats going on right now with it. All of the planets in the solar system are changing drastically right now and it all has to do with our sun.