AOC’s Influencer Fundraising Method Is The INVERSE Of The Ron Paul Revolution

Tim, Ian, and Lydia join researcher and prolific journalist (formerly of The Intercept) Zaid Jilani to analyze the AOC phenomenon of fundraising outside her own district by being an ‘influencer politician.

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Guest: Zaid Jilani
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  1. WHY/HOW is it legal to campaign for a district only to be supported by Twitter but 95% of your constituents are opposed to you?! State should be limited to supporting candidates only in your state/country and taking money from any other state (minus presidential) should be illegal

  2. AOC and the Squad were the sacrificial lambs of the Democrat party for 2020. They were outrageous celebrities who said extremist activist progressive things in order to take the majority of the heat from conservatives essentially making all democrats with very little celebrity and barely less extreme views seem like moderates in comparison and didn't get targeted with nearly the level of attacks they would of faced had there not been a squad.

  3. Would love to see what happens (if AOC's digital politics does result in higher office ) when this type of non-engagement with the practical use of office to achieve specific outcomes,is confronted with having to use office to effect anything more than likes and retweets.

  4. All the way from England,I have long held the opinion that for elective office ( in any country ) a potential candidate should first have to be A over 40 years old ( relevant life experiences ) and B furnish the local party officials with a resume of workplace achievement for a duration of 15 years minimum.This trend since the end of the cold war for "professional politicians" who are created by a conveyor belt stretching from university political affiliation through political think tank via political staffer's to elected office,has produced nothing but automatons who think politics consists of nothing more than making speeches to people who agree with you and obeying every instruction from donor's and lobbyists.

  5. Even worse than the coalition of Big Tech Big Business Big Media and Big Banks,this would still face very practical limits on its ability to force through the societal changes it wants without the most VITAL component of the coalition….Big Burocracy.

  6. RE Safe seats; Labour in the UK lost Rother valley. They had street parties there when Thacher died and burnt her in effergy. You could not get safer seats. Labour managed to lose them.

  7. The biggest mistake these guys make is that they think that politics is somehow different now, with new techniques etc. It's all the same. Corruption has not changed, doing nothing has not changed, towing the party line has not changed. To think that Twitter or Facebook has really changed anything in Congress is odd. Just another way to fool you into looking the other way.

  8. I keep getting the feeling that Zaid Jilani hasn't been paying attention to politics back home in Virginia. Like, Northern Virginia is liberal as fuck. It pretty much dominates the state elections and pushed things like power bills going up, 10 cents/gallon gas tax, $15 minimum page, and they sponsor broad sweeping gun bans.

  9. The idea that members of government are "influencers" is terrifying.

    Members of government should always be the influenced, they should never be doing the influencing.

    Government of the people, by the people, and for the people cannot survive unless it is the people who influence members of government.

    When it is members of government who become the influencers then it becomes government of the government, by the government, and for the government.

  10. Zaid made a great point about actual diversity & respect for one another in the South. I could wear a Lynard Skynard t-shirt with a Confederate flag on it & play flag football with my friends, many of whom are black. They didn't see a symbol & immediately assume all the worst things about me as a person.

    Social media is transforming people into bulls who blindly charge at the slightest perceived provocation, whether or not that provocation actually exists.

  11. Why do people give these politicians these nicknames like "AOC", WHICH ONLY MAKES THEM BIGGER, MAKES you smaller?
    I just don't get how people all the sudden (last few years) ate literally making these people 'APPEAR LARGER THAN LIFE'

    People are acting like these people HAVE EVER CARED ABOUT YOU, ??

  12. Tim, your thinking right, but not all the way through. Look at our Southern border. At one time (may still be this way), delivering goods over an international border, was a huge headache. To solve this, cargo would be delivered to the border and driver's from the other country would then take the load on to it's destination. Texas loads going to New York, would be delivered to New Jersey and New York drivers would take it from there on to it's destination.

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