AOC’s SCOTUS Stunt Reveals Politicians Have Become INFLUENCERS—And Nothing More: Angie Speaks

Columnist at Newsweek, Angie Speaks, weighs in on the arrest of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez outside the Supreme Court over abortion.

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  1. Isn't Congress responsible for law-making? 🤔 I think the cosplay is spot on, because what policy is there? Is there a bill up? Oh that's right… there isn't.

  2. The connection btw US government and the governed has since long been broken. It has become the US politicians' job to maintain an illusion of that connection – in reality the interests of the people rank very low compared to the demands of the corporate elite. We now have fake politicians – AOC is a perfect example.

  3. "I don't think they were faking being in handcuffs because AOC put a fist in the air."

    Bad take. We WEREN'T SUPPOSED TO SEE the video that shows both things. AOC's media team was just trying to capture images of "handcuffed" AOC. Some other guy captured the raw video that shows both the "handcuffs" and the power fist.

  4. AOC should absolutely leverage her social media influence, anyone would be a fool not to. But as Katy said, and what I think Angie alluded to, don't let it stop you or get in the way of doing the actual political work

  5. Bernie is woke? I think he shares the same space on the left out calling him woke is a stretch. I could be wrong but, left does not equal woke. They are voting to expand NATO because the lobbyist's are starting to get to them. It has taken some time but 95% of our politicians have traded their principals for cash or jobs down the road. 🤣🤣🤣

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