AOC’s Word Salad Excuse For Selling-Out to Pelosi & Israel Lobby

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  1. “Go organize” is the marching order of the elites who want to be able to bribe a few leaders rather than bribing the whole group with beneficial legislation. Patrisse Kahn Cullors self proclaimed “Marxist” and cofounder of BLM who bought her 1.4 million dollar house with her bribes for funneling all those BLM donations into the re-election campaign of Joe Biden long time racist and self proclaimed “Zionist” comes to mind.

  2. Wow, Google has allowed Jimmy Dore's channel a little bit, after throttling his subscribers for several years. Nice Google! Your partnership with the CCP and DNC is working out.

  3. Starting @0:50 The Descendants of American Slavery ask the same question about Reparations for the worse crime in American history ,why talk about aid to the "middle east" yet practice Benign and Neglect towards Native Black Americans?

  4. Canadians don't like paying taxes either. Bc we are funding a healthcare system that doesn't work. Also JT uses a billion dollars to fund vaccine passports. Don't use Canada as a moral compass. It's corruption worldwide and a mismanagement of tax payers dollars.
    In response to 11:20

  5. OK AOC, now how about what really happened. Pelosi told you to back off, or the ADL and every pro Israel journalist in the US would brand you an anti Semitic and finish you. You caved and cried in humiliation and fear. Mama bear picked you for that, because she knows you are the weakest link of them all. Goodbye.

  6. As Jimmy says, the majority of aid is spent on defense, this is significant, as all US aid is "tied aid", meaning 90% of the aid received must be spent with US corporations.

    In other words, aid is just another way to hand over our taxes to big business behind our backs, and one of myriad methods of capitalist exploitation that goes on day in day out.
    The very idea that the psychopaths in power would give out aid for humanitarian reasons is as insane as they are

  7. The Justice Democrats are "taking over" the democratic party the same way the NWO took over the WCW back in the 90s. People who still buy this shit in the 2020s aren't any less gullible then people who still think professional wrestling is real in the 2020s.

  8. AOC: "if you look at the who and the what, the what in the butt had a who what what butt, the what is the butt and the butt is the who the what what, what what what, what, is in the butt what if the who is the butt and the butt is the what then who is the what when the butt is the what? Have I made myself clear?"
    Thanks for the what likes.

  9. Thanks for having @socialistmma on!
    How come nobody scolds Manchin like this when he supposedly single-handedly derails Democratic legislative priorities? No clearer demonstration of what Democratic party priorities actually are.

  10. Again the Judas princess AOC and the squad are phoney leftists who could care less about workers or the people who elected them They are more dangerous than the two party corporate fascists that run the country

  11. Good News Folks 13 Democrats in Congress will not run for Reelection in 2022. They are literally exploding right in front of our faces. We will probably have States break away from this failed experiment called the Federal Government. That will probably happen before 2024.

  12. My God. What happened to her? With these run-on sentences that don't mean anything. Did the vaccine addle her brain? Early onset Alzheimer's? Did the CIA put something in her coffee? She sounds like George W. Bush rambling from a podium! But these aren't even off-the-cuff spoken remarks, they're written! She had time to think about it, and this is what she came up with?! I don't even recognize her anymore!

  13. In December 2020, Socialist Alternative (United States) began encouraging members to join Democratic Socialists of America to "unite in action and debate the way forward for struggles of workers and the oppressed in a new convulsive era of crisis.

  14. The leaders of these coopted groups are smart and talk the language of freedom while actively smashing it at every opportunity and narcissists thinking only of their own needs and desires

  15. Every American tax payer is the personal slave of Israel. You will toil, you will pay for Israel with no reciprocity, and you will do it forever! Why in the fuck do we constantly give our hard earned money to Israel? Don't give me that 'they're are ally' bullshit. America can defeat the next three largest super powers at the same time. We don't need them as an ally.

  16. Com'n man! AOC accidentally stumbled across horse apples while on her way to work for the American people! She loves horse apples! Almost as much as screwing over the American people.

  17. The damage fake progressives like Judas princess AOC are doing to progress can’t be minimized They are in practice just like other right wing corporate politicians in congress just more pathological and dangerous

  18. The fake progressives have no sense of honor or shame as they call themselves progressives while actively supporting the corporate state They have prostituted themselves for a career and corporate money They have forever stained the word progressive so as to make the label a negative derogatory category

  19. everything in the corporate congress is scripted and prearranged and it’s about a forum for managing corporate affairs and priorities Corporate totalitarian congressmen and women merely put a legal stamp on this dystopian system

  20. The corporate republicans and real progressives are laughing at AOC and all the other fake progressives in congress Man these people are worst than all the other corporate politicians because they pretend to care for progressive issues while supporting corporate tools like uncle joe Biden

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