Appeal Of The Century: UK Court Hears Allegations That CIA Tried To Kidnap Julian Assange

Julian Assange’s brother, Gabriel Shipton, joins Ryan Grim and Robby Soave to discuss the Wikileaks founder’s new strategy in the U.S. government’s case to extradite him.

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  1. USA is most disliked kid in school so far it's only got a few as kissing countries as buddies however if it keeps on prosecuting innocent people from its aliases the rest of the Citizens won't want to join USA in its war campaigns .

  2. Either Julian Assange is kept incommunicado in jail or hundreds of the criminal cabal of The US Government will face Nuremberg type trials for criminality of the worst kind. That the USA is running scared of this brave, courageous one individual is proof of “Guilt of War Crimes”. The “Special Relationship” must end now!

  3. Republicans acting like the Clinton crime family. Killing people to keep them silent. The dead don’t speak. He holds truth and deception doesn’t like truth. It like people to remain in ignorance

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