Apple CEO Runs In Fear As He Is Questioned About Shutting Down Chinese Protests & Human Rights!

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Written by TheQuartering

Another social commentary channel but this one the guy has a beard! Let's Talk Games! I talk about issues many of us care about in the gaming industry, comics, and the world at large. Come to hopefully both be entertained & informed about a variety of topics.Thanks for subscribing


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  1. When you think of how scared they are, you realize that Elon might’ve just saved the free world. But it’s not over, we need to keep talking about these things. Now that we have a chance to talk, dont stop! The conversation needs to keep going until nearly all people know the truth!

  2. Apple is literally getting people killed.

    Someone should grill him about "the aggression you've committed against the lbgtq+++ and other marginalized communities in China"

  3. He handled the questions perfectly. I don't see the problem with a CEO choosing not to respond to accusations. If he had said a single word there, it would have cost him money. Dunk on him for actually doing those things, sure, but he did the smart thing here.

  4. Yeah he talks about how right wing people should not be allowed to speak online because we're so bad for America but then he supports the Chinese governments brutally evil and inhuman treatment of its citizens. Apple is fucking evil under Tim Cook. All the stupid people out there should quit buying Apple's overpriced products.

  5. Corporations learn that going after Twitter has consequences and their hypocrisy will be exposed. The bad press will follow Apple and their perceived silencing of protesters and locking Chinese workers in their factories, reportedly some with their ID kept by staff. Is GM next on Elon list?

  6. He has the future of his share holders to look after, the media is very good at skewing anything that is said to make a sensation. Even with saying nothing the media is making something out of nothing. Apples lawyers would have told him not to engage with the media regardless of the questions. 100K+ jobs could be put in jeopardy if he opened his mouth and possibly the lives of people in China that work for Apple should he say anything that the chinese government doesn't like. It is very easy for people to virtue signal what they would say when they have no actual idea about the complexities that dealing with the Chinese government I'd image would entail.

  7. So another words, the Chinese government probably paid him directly to his secret offshore bank account to change the OS only in China.

    This needs to be investigated asap.

  8. It's the same MFs that still won't admit COVID wasn't as serious as they tried to push, they try to ignore making it illegal to go in public without a mask, they arrested people for traveling without an adequate COVID excuse…they ignore implementing curfews and limits on family gatherings….this COVID response will forever be seen as completely insane but the left will just completely try to ignore it because now they realize how much they completely overstepped and overreacted….more people died from the response to COVID than they did COVID itself ..

  9. That's the crux of the problem, as soon as any company becomes publicly traded or are reliant on shareholders the almighty dollar becomes THE only reason to function.
    You've just allowed people to buy into your vision who only have a vested financial interest in it, what ever your goals were, they take a back seat to keep the investors happy because "Greed is Good".

  10. Please elon make a phone, build it here in the US. Tie it into Harley Davidson and/or President Trump somehow and it will be unstoppable. I would be there in a hot minute.

  11. We United States citizens have been living in commie usa for several years because of the election fraud against our real president with the home made communism cold and the fake dictator is just kicking back with piles of our country's money eating a ice cream cone made out of freshly cranked boy butter young boy butter because that's his preference

  12. I can't wait for leftist to explain that governments should never be allowed to block people to share informations and control their communications….in China

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