Apple watching & logging EVERY APP YOU OPEN with new OS.

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Written by Louis Rossmann


  1. my macpro 2015 might be my last apple computer but I am afraid the PC and windows will be doing the same thing. not many options, i can no computer in the future

  2. So, not just smartphones, tablets, even expensive computer, are no longer belonging to individual user.
    I have been saying macOS starting from Big Sur will lock down which app you can run but everyone just blasts me: they could’ve done it in Intel era.

  3. Thanks for the video. I got a notification to update to Big Sur today. I haven't and now, I don't plan to do so. What does Windows do? Do they do anything of this nature?

  4. One of the big issues, and no one speaks much about it, is that Apple indoctrinates/brainwashes children at a very young age. They give schools free apple products for schools to use and educators then mandate you use those products, and they design learning around the use of those products. Others do it, but Apple is by far the worst. Sure there are protections for children, in that their data has other legal requirements. But what does it matter, you've brainwashed them into the Apple environment, so when they are no longer children, you now have what Louis hates, the people that boil like frogs but still keep buying Apple. China is doing it with the Uighur people. Separate adults and children, be nice and good to the children, "educate" the children, make more Chinese in the long run, and the Uighurs disappear. In this case freedom and choice disappears slowly and everyone blindly uses Apple.

  5. I'm sure some people know this but the antivirus on Windows does this. It actually slows down the opening of apps a lot by generating the hash for each executable, to be compared to the online listings. When Windows 10 is not connected to the internet, this is why you may see a "smart screen could not reach…" error and need to click continue anyway. Most workplaces force this and don't allow you to bypass as a normal user also. But home users aren't free of this data collection on any platform, except things outside the user-friendly sphere like Linux (sorry penguins but you know it's true, people love free stuff, Linux being unpopular is all up to being an ass pain).

  6. Needless to say, the last thing you want to carry with you as an agent of espionage or a spy, is an Apple device. VPN already runs awkward on my iPhone. Custom os is the way to go. This sounds ridiculous. Edit: did I hear "only run macOS?"

  7. This is crazy. We got an app update rejected from the app store because of privacy reasons. We wanted to use the front camera while in Augmented Reality mode, but this is only possible if you enable Face Tracking at the same time. Since we did not use any face tracking features, they argued that we did not need access to the front camera in the first place. We had to accept this, although our use-case makes perfect sense. If I read this kind of spyware ambitions now, I can only say that they don't adhere to their own (alleged) privacy standards at all.

  8. Funny Fact : I was brushing in bathroom watching youtube that has nothing to do with camera. Next ad that I got was of tooth paste. ISN'T THAT CREEPY??? Edited: I was naked too. ooooh…

  9. I think people vastly underestimate the value of their usage data. These companies are creating psychological profiles on all of us.

    We are basically chimps behind a glass that have been given an toy that monitors us at all times. They are logging and analyzing everything we do. They know how we can be best influenced. The more someone knows about you, the more successful they will be at manipulating you.

  10. This is the same company whose loyal fanbase claims the reason they choose their products over other rival's is because of "privacy" and "security."


    Apple can't even be forthcoming about shit like this or their iPhone 12 camera lock down.

    I guarantee you the whole Intel switch thing wasn't even about switching from Intel. It was about locking down your laptop on a system on a chip that you can't upgrade or repair.

  11. Well Windows does the exact same thing. The only OS that doesn't do this are some distributions of Linux ( yes even ubuntu logs your data)

  12. it may just be Apple now but it will eventually be all brands, its another step of these secret powers that be that we keep denying exists. it will be going to invade our lives completely they just don't have the tech yet.

  13. Little Snitch isn't working no more because it worked as a kernel extension (now all kernel extensions are deprecated); v. 5 is fully functional on Big Sur.

  14. But Louis… What if you put tiktok on my device when you repaired it? You're in cahoots with China. Yeah this revised capitism in which I out get to spend the big bucks, but never get to own a damn thing.

  15. Years ago I saw the light and moved to Android. Yeah sure Android isn't without it's issues (in fact my phone is a Huawei! lol), but from the moment I purchase my Android phone, I decide what goes on it, what I can transfer and to whom and I don't have to jailbreak it to do that! (Just think about that for a minute. JAILBREAK a supposedly secure phone. Which has been able to be done since at least iPhone 3 days, if not before). The very same phone that Apple tells you the reason they do things is for "customer security". A phone that hasn't been secure since it's inception, but yet Apple keeps telling you it is. This my friends is the reason you can't just take it to a repair shop! Because Apple doesn't want you to. Nothing to do with security. And this article proves it. An atrocious eco-system that I want no part of.

  16. This is super weird since my professor had this exact problem yesterday with his PowerPoint not opening when we were in the lecture. He then randomly decided to disconnect the internet thinking it might fix something (not knowing about this), and it allowed him to open it.