Approaching 100 Food Processing Plants Blowing Up This Year



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  1. Pretty sure it was in Oklahoma not Missouri and it was only 2000 confirmed by the farmers and apparently it was 105° without rain for a week. Millions of cattle die every year before they reach slaughter. So that part is kind of bullshit. But the food processing plant thing has absolutely no reasonable explanation.

  2. bugs are actually much more expensive to produce lb for lb compared to meat. if they weren't people would already be eating them in mass even if they did taste like crap.

  3. All these companies run Bill Gates software and computers
    Does he have self destruct or kill factory switch installed to sabotage companies.. utilities.. sewage etc

  4. This is why I deleted my Facebook accounts.
    Why I don't have Twitter, ect.
    I don't give a crap what day say!
    They fake check people like they're telling the truth. No they living their own fake check world. A world they call metaverse. It's not a real world.
    We live in the real world!

  5. I live in Wisco and hadn't seen anything in the "news" yet about it… Had to look it up just now… Waupaca Co. Pizza making plant. They make Geno's East Pizza I guess… never hoid of it…

  6. There was an issue uncovered a number of years ago where chickens were being fed arsenic laced grain. Their organs were then fed to cows and the FDA tried to cover it up.

    They are trying to utilise bugs in the wrong way. I have a grub farm that I utilise for my house hold food waste. I do this for three reasons.
    1, it stops my organic waste from going to landfill, which means it will not compost in an anaerobic environment that causes methane
    2, it gives me compost that attracts more compost worms
    3, it provides food to birds and lizards in my local area, as urbanisation causes starvation if animals in winter.
    4, it controls disease and pathogens as the the internal temperature of the grubs sterilises my waste.

    If I were to collect the bugs, I would rather them be fed to animals which we consume, as they are 40% fat, 40% protein.

    One issue with the consumption of insects is it can shunt the food web into a two part cycle that leads dangerously close to cannibalism. For example, if bugs eat human corpses, and we eat the bugs, it will have a negative effect. It is already recommended that if you feed the bugs fish guts, don't feed the bugs to fish, feed them to chickens instead, where the chickens benefit from the omega3 from the fish guts.

    There are far superior methods of getting protein in a sustainable manner than bugs or soy plantations, which doesn't require constant input.

  7. They did the same in the depression .. paying farmers not to farm, pouring milk away … Go check out the depression diaries! This is nothing new it’s just on a bigger scale An we can see it now thanks to the www ..

  8. Global warming seems to be selective in the businesses it’s destroying … not seeing pharmaceutical companies burning down!!!!

  9. Usually the simplest answer is the right answer ! In this case w/ up to 100 now food processing plants being sabotaged N untold numbers of mass amounts of live stock being Intentionally killed N/ or made sick infected w/ a bird flu or poisoned , trains hauling fertilizer derails , whats the odds of that happening , im sure its super low ! It's exactly what it looks like , Intentional !!!
    I can see 3 to 4 plants catching fire a yr "maybe" BUT 100 sense 2021 is so much more then a coincidence! It's called operation starve Americans so they can't fight back against a tyrannical fascist corrupt commie pos scum truncoat put in place illegitimate wannabe dictatorship thats the puppet Obiden admin !
    What's funny is all the pos fake propaganda commie news network's N woke mind virus leftist scum tards are siding w/ the govmt that's claiming nothing to see here move on !
    News flash for the brainwashed, I have true don't give a F about ur feelings news, all U pos carrying the commie socialist water pale for this illegitimate placed pretend corrupt commie lying pos govmt , U TOO WILL STARVE , the commie socialist in D.C. are using all of you N all of you will be starved just like all the unbrainwashed unwoke untards , lol !
    To all apart of the woke members club of follow the newest thing set up from this illegitimate placed commie socialist puppet govmt that cares nothing for U rejects, all of U will be forgotten about while all the pos commies that U all butthole licked repeatedly are in their million dollar mansions behind armed guarded tall walls, private jets flying all over the world eating like kings N queens all while laughing about how all of you fell for global warming , lol, WAFJ global warming is , anyway all of you woketards have a very rude awakening coming ! 😀

  10. Politifact said nothing is going on, but this shit didn't happen until the fraudulent regime got into power.
    Just a hot day killed all the cows on that ranch? Nope.
    There are some shenanigans going on and it has Great Reset written on all over it.

  11. Funny how we ALWAYS seen to be going through the 16year plan when the democrats seem to be in power

    School shootings ALWAYS happens under democrat watch (ff mass shootings)

    There is no such thing as a coincidence

  12. If you dont understand that this is the government moving pieces on the board against the american people then you are truly lost the government is at war with the people

  13. I know this is happening and it's intentional…. My question is how many plant fire's on average happened before Biden. Maybe food processing plants are more dangerous than king crab fishing. Someone hire Mike row to do a voiceover

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