Are climate change models corrupted? (from Livestream #135)

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #135 (originally streamed live on July 23, 2022):

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In this 135th in a series of live discussions with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying (both PhDs in Biology), discuss the state of the world though an evolutionary lens. Find more from us on Bret’s website ( or Heather’s website (

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  1. 🤣 Perfect timing for me. I just watched John Coleman's clip on CNN. John Coleman creator of the Weather Network, told little Brian Steltzer Climate Change is a HOAX 🤣

  2. Any science has to consider the fallacy of the hypothesis and ultimately wants an absolute proof of a theory.

    What I find interesting about “climate change” is the denial of what humans really are doing which from a planetary point of view is terraforming. And why?

    Philosophically is the biggest problem. There is an almost sadistic aspect that some people feel about humans being a cancer to this planet AND SO we must limit our existence for other species.

    This is where science and scientists and politics and CEOs and actors and pundits and so on and so forth jump on the propaganda bandwagon. Scientists need to make a living also and are human and are fallible so……..

    Wall Street and Politics never let a crisis go to waste and clearly that is enough to get a lot of people emotional and provide support with money and votes and social manipulation. These people could care less.

    The state of California pretends to care about the environment while it under funds the exact agency charged with enforcing the laws.

    Climate Science is real and needs WAY MORE data and WAY BETTER computing power for more accurate models.

    Any prediction for anything has been one of the holy grails for humans since the dawn of time. Science gives us a much better idea and we should strive to uncover better evidence BUT that doesn’t happen without 100% truth period. Science only works like that. Humans don’t need 100% truth to operate and survive.

    We are in a genetic suicide pact on this planet.

  3. We currently live in a naturally occurring warm interval in an ice age. These warm intervals can be mathematically predicted, and they have a mathematically predictable duration. It relates to eccentricities in the Earth's orbit. The sun's cycles also have an influence, which can be tracked through history. The whole manmade warming theory is half-baked and does not take into account reality. For instance, before the industrial age, mankind began terraforming, turning swamps into forests. This is supposed to have the effect of releasing methane, a major greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere. But we don't see warming related to this. What we see instead is warming that occurs after the Little Ice Age, and we're not as warm yet as we were in the Middle Ages. Furthermore, the north pole was not that icy before the ice age began 2 million years ago. So what is NORMAL? The natural state is one of change, including changing shorelines.

  4. It should be abundantly clear in the wake of all things kovid that "science" (in all of its regiments and fields of study) is and has been completely commandeered and ruled by politics.

    Science lost its most valuable asset and prized possession when it lost trust . Regaining that lofty and noble perch of trust it once was blessed with will never return. Politics melted the most important "glacier" of all – Trust.

    Corruption kills whatever it touches…and we now live in a world dominated by toxic politics.

    Many of you know, or at least are coming to the realization, something needs "change"… but its not the "climate".

  5. The very best resolution of past climates is 1000 years.

    4 sets of 30 year temperature records compared to blocks of 1000 year guesses.

    It’s a religious view. But, all can be saved if only we’d start throwing virgins in volcanoes again.

  6. It’s corrupt to the core. NASA and noaa are literally changing past temperatures to fit this corrupt narrative that like Brent said has never come close to reality.

  7. OMG Brett. I DO appreciate the two of you and I appreciate your attempts of balance. You guys were slow to SEE the larger covid story but you eventually did. But this CC narrative has been ongoing for 40 years! You believe in AGW because you've seen glacial retreat? Glaciers never retreated before man was driving SUV's? Uneducated people KNOW this is a scam. How?
    We've seen the "adjustments" of the historical temp data skewed to be colder, we've seen the "climategate," (emails acknowledging the skewing), climategate II, tons of defaming, firing, silencing dissenting views. Just look at the NEED for them to put that "CONTEXT" box below your video. Please wake up! Talk to Ben Davidson.

  8. Very odd that Helen and Brett should seem to assume/believe that current climate change is caused by man – or that their contribution is sufficiently large that by changing our behaviour we can control it. It's so clearly obvious that climate has changed in the past (and at a greater amount and pace) when mankind could not have had any significant effect, however much you allow your imagination run riot. Do they live in some sort of cocoon in this respect?

  9. Measurements and more Information. Zap it ,Tweak the Numbers into the Favor of The Holey Science Business Alliance 👁Everybody Dies, so folkz won't Really Know the difference "Whether" or not the "Weather" changes we make will be towards their benefit or not and We'll still keep getting Wealthy👁

  10. Obama has placed a close to 50 million dollar bet that the oceans will not raise. I doubt anyone would say Obama did not think the oceans where raising prior to his election then what do you think he learned that made him not concerned about oceans raising? It's a very safe bet that he had access to information the common man does not.

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