Are COVID Death Rates WILDLY Inflated?

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  1. Helps to explain why such a huge percentage of COVID deaths came out of nursing homes, where the average life expectance is around 5 months. Also, hospitals get thousands of dollars in federal funding for every "COVID death."

  2. Another reason for the inflation is the fact that FEMA is offering funeral assistance up to $9000 if the death certificate is marked as died from covid. One of my coworkers mother-in-law died from pneumonia. Negative for covid. Was told about the FEMA assistance from the coroner if they wrote it off as a corona death instead of pneumonia.

  3. This all came out last June 2020 when a man on the highway was riding a "crotch-Rocket" Motorcycle and was hit by a semi truck and died. Was reported by the medical examiner to have died of covid. The coroners office released his death certificate to the family with it claiming a death due to covid 19. The family rightly sued the county. However it's nearly impossible to find now on the internet except for meme sites.

  4. A year ago, a fellow i knew was sick. The local hospital could not see him.
    So he went,,,"across state lines" to another hospital. Which diagnosed him with bronchitis
    He then received a call from the (home)state health dept.
    They asked,,,"So, how long did you have COVID? He told them he did NOT have COVID. Any bets here that the home state did not alter the record and record him as COVID positive?.

  5. jimmy you invite the censors with such a title^^. anywhay explenation:
    yes deathrate is a subgroup of the ones tasted positiv for the illness. thats why the procentage is higher, because i tellls u the procentage of the infected that endet up dying. its not a procentage of the hole population. obviously it would be moe accurate to further divide if it was the cause of death, but it beeing a systemic desease this sometimes is difficult or impossible to say.

  6. How bizarre. And how many “Covid positive” people prove to have had nothing more than a false positive on a bungled test? It seems to me the majority of positive tests are actually bungled and the subject had no Covid and his or her system. This is done intentionally.

  7. Since the mainstream media loves to scare us so much, why don't they scare us with global warming news? Why don't they report on global warming with proportional scariness to other scary things they report on? I mean scariness in proportion to the real threat or risk involved. Whatever.

  8. I knew this last year–they put out an article in September that used the CDC's own data to show that the claimed death count was 10-times the actual Wu Flu death count. Of course the fake news MSM denied it and claimed they used the CDC data incorrectly, and then the CDC stopped including that appendix on their weekly report. I had been following it before that I saw it happen in real-time and KNEW the numbers were lies. Heck there was a pregnant lady killed in a motorcycle accident last year in New Orleans I think who died and both she and the unborn baby were counted as Wu Flu deaths.

  9. The world…less than 6 million covid deaths. Over 7 billion population. About one eleventh of one percent. In countries I have checked it is less than one percent. Thailand, for example, had less than one twentieth of one percent covid deaths. But it had very serious and devastating lockdowns. Jimmy gave the "why" to all this previously….Pfizer, 33 billion dollars.

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