Are Daniel Andrew’s ministers fleeing his sinking ship?

Are Dan’s ministers “jumping ship” to avoid accountability at the next State election or do you believe Dan when he says it’s all a natural progression of their careers and will help to bring in new talent?

Written by Real Rukshan


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  1. Ruskin, I'm so glad that there are ppl like you that have there eyes open! And I think this is Andrews actually trying to wipe our memories of his directions to those minister's! Hoping he can re-set the narrative that it wasn't him it was the advice of those ministers that caused our tyrannical times in Victoria!!

  2. Keep a list guys. If ya see any of them have a stern friendly chat with them. I cant wait, especially if the family is with them. Yippy. But keep it friendly. Lol

  3. I bet he gets back in at the next state election. I feel sorry for Victoria, just thankful I don’t live there. Good luck down there with Dangerous Dan

  4. Sinking ship? The majority of Victorian voters are dunderheads and gave Labor a majority government only a month ago. Hopefully the penny drops in November and Daniel Andrews along with it.

  5. There is no escape from the crimes against humanity the government have perpetrated over the last 3 years, at some point they will all pay hopefully sooner rather than later.

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