Are Global Food Shortages Next?

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With wheat prices skyrocketing are we about to face global food shortages?


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  1. Soaring inflation can only mean soaring interest rates. Poverty coming for some. Sell your second houses & put your money in the CBA & buy their shares – guaranteed money maker until 2026 as the next major crash will be in 2027. Every 18 to 19 years the West has had a major crash since 1800 (220 years). Do the Google research to verify.

  2. This is where inflation gets out of control. Too much currency to bid up the prices of too few goods. Those with all the excess currency are buying everything up. China for one are sticking up big time.

  3. the food shortage is no way near… this is population tempering for when the famine really turns up… crisis to crisis .. they will want to stretch out all the forces as much as they can, then invade… Taiwan .. lets hope some of the brain waves that live there choose Australia to move to… we need all the brains we can get. …after that, we get the food shortage .. i hope im wrong.

  4. The food shortages are not brought up by ukraine war.
    The food shortages are there due to huge crop losses world wide due to Grand solar minimum.govt knows that in 2024 hardly anything willl grow due to climate changing,this is well known fact

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