Are renewables actually going to be cheaper? Senate Estimates – 10.11.22

In estimates I asked the CSIRO if they had a roadmap as to how the government planned to reach its 43% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030.

Needless to say they passed the buck onto AEMO, the Australian Energy Market Operator that is a joint venture between the private sector, state and federal government. Trying to get anything done when those three bodies have to work together will be a nightmare.

With only 7 years to go it’s fair to say the authorities in the energy market have no idea how to get to 43%, despite the Federal government passing legislation that said they would.

Let’s just hope our energy grid doesn’t collapse in the pursuit of this fairytale. Not to mention our economy which cannot sustain the current high energy prices.


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  1. So basically they don't know how much it is going to cost to create a short life unreliable electricity supply that will send Australia bankrupt when there is no problem in the first place. CO2 is so minor in the greenhouse gas table, as is methane (2000 ppb) that reducing it is pointless.

  2. China is the world leader in solar panel production and is starting to take the lead in wind generator construction too. Lets continue to liquidate our wealth into China by buying enormous amounts of renewable energy so we can have the most unreliable and expensive power imaginable and kill our manufacturing once and for all, while China builds 40 new coal fired power stations so they can have cheap reliable energy and continue as world leaders in pollution. This is 100% about greed and back-handers disguised as virtue signalling.

  3. These Muppets are full of sh1t. The average adult knows green energy costs way more to produce and maintain its just a money making ploy to drain tax payers dollars into private corporations! Thats why they will not give figures because the costs blow out once green energy cannot piggyback on the current electrical system!

  4. Australia has the cleanest burning coal in the world and is the highest sort after yet the Australian people pay international rates for electricity from our own coal??? We should have the cheapest electricity in the world its time to kick these mega corporations out and take care of ourselves! Its our resource and we are getting shafted!!

  5. 10 seconds in I already know the old BS is coming. They know it's not going to add up but we'll force it anyway and by then we will be somewhere else and not accountable for the cost blow-outs and hardships now.

  6. You really would have thought that these people would have all the answers ahead of scrutiny….its all bullshit,lies,smoke n mirrors.
    Net Zero is just a political pipe dream and citizens across all these countries are being conned.
    Time this Nonsense Stopped.

  7. The problem of course is not the cost of “renewables” the problem is the lack of problem that is being hysterically called a problem that is causing government to change to “renewables”.

    There is no Greenhouse Effect, there is no global warming, carbon dioxide is not a pollutant and so there is no need to risk the supply and price of future electricity on “renewables”.

  8. Solar panels will only work one building at a time , save yourself, anything done on community scale will be rorted at every step of the way , self sufficiency is key , the grid will never help the individual ,it's a business

  9. No-one is building the east to west transmission line from Brisbane(Roma) to Western Australia. This is the most efficient solar corridor in Australia. Every 1000km west adds an additional 1hr of peak solar activity to the grid, its 5000 km of corridor so That’s 5 hours of additional peak solar power production without adding one battery.
    5:00 pm Easter time is still in peak production in Western Australia.
    It’s would be a huge job, Western Australia would be Australia’s electrical stabilisation supplier.
    At designated interval along this corridor, solar input hubs could be set up for businesses to set up renewable energy collection points ( solar, wind or experimental farms).

  10. Even sleepy Biden's Govt has said that coal and gas will still be 70% of the energy in 2050!
    Thanks Senator so-called renewables are going to crash and fall on their arse like they have in every other country
    It's a massive Ponzi scheme at best and a wicked conspiracy to wreck the country at worst

  11. The question is "are fossil fuels CHEAPER now compared to renewables?"

    The recent IMF report states that Australia subsidises the fossil fuel and mining sectors to the tune of $29 billion dollars per year. (Globally this tax payer funded subsidisation is $5.2 TRILLION).

    So Australia effectively spends less on its military defence than it does on subsidising foreign corporations to extract resources and energy from Australian territory.
    Very few of these corporations, mostly US owned, pay taxation in this country.
    People from overseas have been laughing at us for many decades

  12. The whole fiasco is a loada bs – there is no CO2 problem. They're using a concocted crisis to justify tyrannical control of food and energy – at the bidding of Schwab and the globalists. Good work Senator.

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