Are The Central Banksters Turning On Each Other?

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  1. George- you know that the central banks and governments are all part of the world economic forum hence the great reset agenda. Do you really think they’re turning on each other? They’ve had this planned for decades….

  2. Why do we keep talking in endless circles about the FED, their economic plan, and all that's connected to it?
    Why aren't we talking about getting rid of the FED, kick them back to Europe, make our politicians make and take care of a sound money system, and stop doing this stupid/destructive boom & bust cycle cr*p?
    I thought the definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over & over, and expecting different results?
    Maybe I'm too stoooopid. But all I see are economist/investors/business leaders Talking about the same old garbage, and trying to out think/out smart/out something…….the FED and related agencies are doing…….instead of Asking the right question……What money system do We really need, how do we get it, and How do we kick the FED/Central Banks/Central Planning into the incinerator?

  3. i live in the UK and i was shouting at the tv as B O E told us how it was fighting inflation with a massive 50 point hike as 13% is soon to come ,more bankers B S .WE cannot stop laughing at them

  4. I hate America. Not that the people are bad – that is, the majority of them are not wicked; however, the government is shit and cultural standards have precipitously declined.

    It is possible that some of those central banksters are playing a game for show, or they have genuine disagreements that they wish to voice so as to not seem like jackasses when whatever happens, happens – to preserve their legacy, which many on here would perhaps argue is already tainted beyond repair by virtue of them being central banksters 😅

  5. It's a chase for liquidity!
    Every time the fed. Makes a statement ( 75 basis pts. Or BUST) the other central banks have to match or get less hot foreign money?
    When reverse engines were called the engineers had long since left the engines to drown in lquidity!
    The economy is taking second fiddle to attaching excess reserves?

  6. Great work George but I suggest the financial intelligence of the average American is sorely lacking, Consider: Nearly 75% of Americans live hand to mouth regardless of income and most carry a balance forward on their credit cards and pay staggering interest in so doing. NOT SMART!

  7. Ya the standard of living is going down, but it’s like inflation. Inflation is different for different age groups and demographics. A recession will hurt the wealthy. But it may actually increase the standard of living for others. Like the fourth turning guy said the Great Depression reduced wealth inequality. The crash in Japan in the late 1980s had million dollar homes selling for a hundred grand. That’d be a huge increase in the standard of living for the younger group or poorer group while the rich lose a huge amount of their purchasing power.

  8. The BoE has an opportunity to be honest as uk pm is being reelected and they can reset the message. the fed can not be honest as this will effect the Biden administration popularity

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