Are There Any Updates On The Wuhan Lab Leak Theory?

Jamie Metzl gives updates on the Covid-19 Lab Leak Theory. How likely is the Wuhan Institute of Virology at being involved in Covid-19? Are China to blame? What does Jamie think the future of the world’s recourse will be?

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Written by Chris Williamson


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  1. The very structure of the virus screams that it comes from a lab. It's like claiming vinyl siding comes from nature. Okay show us the vinyl tree. But expecting us to believe it came from nature because we never seen the inside of a vinyl siding factory is simply bullshit. We don't need any admissions, we don't have to go further than the incredibly unusual structure and high functioning capabilities of covid 19. Natural occurring anything has rough edges, and doesn't hit the ground running. Even animals born able to walk, can't run full speed the moment their feet hit the Earth. And yet covid covered the Earth in a few short weeks.

  2. Perhaps I missed it because the last 2 years have helped me quit much of their content, but the lack of coverage on the origins is probably a good way for people to realise there is something rotten in the corporate press and state television like the BBC.

    These organisations have the resources and power to make this a bigger story and as a result perhaps get some more answers, but that would require them to push it hard as a story.

  3. FUN FACT: The USA was happy to go along with the wet market theory because the USA was funding gain of function experiments in the Wuhan lab.

  4. Anyone else wonder if 'they' were due to release an extremely virulent strain of something but it was switched out deliberately by something extremely mild? It explains the Lockstep and extremely dramatic pronouncements from Governments which make no sense with the current C-19.

  5. I was on the phone with a friend of mine after like 2 minutes into this so I hit pause. Personally the origin of the virus is interesting. So I tried telling him my point of view about how its very likely that it is indeed from the Wuhan lab. He didnt want to listen so we went back and forth on it and I think he realised that Im not talking out of my ass, but rather that he has not put any effort into understanding this subject. Either way, he said that he worries more about keeping his job and paying bills which is totally understandable. Whats funny is that Ive been following this and this dude, Jamie, brought up the points I mentioned. Anyway, stay healthy everybody. We are living in crazy times.

  6. To say that they've "managed" CoV better is a bit of a stretch. Let's have that same conversation in 5 years… when they're still locking people in their homes behind welded doors in an effort for 0 COVID, while the rest of the world has learned to move on with life.

  7. Try searching this video up by simple key words and realise that its being censored. I searched "are there any update COVID chris" on my phone and it wont show up. Maybe Im tripping, but I feel like thats some good fucking key words to find it.

  8. No one should forget that, irrespective of the virus' origin, once it was out there in Wuhan the Chinese used it as a weapon against the West by shutting down travel within China while allowing foreign travel from China that spread the virus to all parts of the world. The PRC hasn't acted in good faith on COVID right from the get-go.

  9. Obviously there is a price tag we're not willing to pay or China would be locked out of the World economy. The CCP is the World's biggest threat, more evil than Hitler ever was, and still we still trade with them like nothing is wrong.

  10. People are the most conspirical creatures because we ourselves know how much humanity is capable of. I have chinese friends that immigrated from China say they would not be surprised. People don’t know what china is capable of until they live it. Similarly with gangs in South America that is fueling immigration. Main stream media doesn’t focus on the real stories unless they can’t cover it up or it is does mot align with their interest

  11. It's worth noting that the UN wasnt mentioned here. The UN was supposed to be the place where these issues were resolved and if needed sanctions and even military action was sanctioned. For the UN to be effective it has to remove permanent security council membership and reform how it addresses these issues. China must be held accountable for its actions since the leak/outbreak.

  12. Here is an update – the guy you are looking for is called "Mr Gao" – he was the head of the Chinese CDC, in charge of the Wuhan lab, a microbiologist who specialises in bat viruses and has about 20 patents in immunological products. I keep telling people this but no one seems to want to listen…

  13. Most people think the media is there to investigate and inform. What this shows is that the role they enact is one of managing the public's mindset. Instead of investigating or reporting reasonably on the origins, their role was to prevent normal people from questioning it and make them pay a social cost as a conspiracy theorist if they were to question it.

  14. "leak" my ass, This was intentional, there were millions of people protesting in 8 different countries and then the virus was released. People in the know made millions. Follow the money!!!

  15. If you've ever played Plague Inc, Covid is exactly the virus you want to produce. Respiratory virus, high transmissability, low incubation rate, moderate death rate. If this virus was actually serious, and had a death rate of 2%, we would unanimously agree to lock everything down, and the pandemic would have been over within 12 months. But no, profits can be made on our fear.

  16. the way to combat this despicable behavior and culture of the Chinese government is not with aggression and force, it's through humor and shame. these people should be humiliated for how ridiculous and pathetic they are.

  17. The mention of climate change caused an involuntary motion to smash the stop button but I was able to overpower the urge as it was very brief. Otherwise he seems very well versed on the subject and region. I appreciate his take.

  18. I wish people would STOP calling out The New World Order when they don't know what it is. Before China got involved most people had never heard of it and still don't understand the depth and breath of NWO. If anyone wants to learn about this topic they need to do some hardcore reasearch. Start by reading Agenda 21. Read a book called "We Will Bury You" Written when China was still focused on The One Child Policy. Read Fabian Freeway, Future Shock, ect. learn about relevant secret society's Read about the cashless society. There are many books and publications people need to study before they are close to understanding what NWO politics are.

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