Are these graves evidence of war crimes or mass deception?

Scott Ritter, former UN arms inspector and ex-Marines intelligence officer, and Grayzone editor Max Blumenthal address new allegations of war crimes in the Ukrainian town of Izyum, where Russian forces were recently ejected by a Ukrainian counter-offensive.

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  1. Cemeteries are mass grave sites. The same call to hunt down Russian collaborators in Bucha is happening in Kharkov. We are supposed to believe that the Russian military only killed people along the side of the road in Bucha. It's a B movie staging that is consistent with the Zelensky administration. The West consistently repeats these stagings as truth.

    Going back for sometime, Patrick Lancaster has aired video after video of graves in the Donbass. This includes his on the ground reporting from the Donbass since February 24th. These graves, which include mass graves were of civilians in the Donbass killed by the occupying military and Azov Battalion. The Grayzone has never been on the ground in Ukraine. Very few western journalists have. When they are, they only report from western Ukraine and not from the Donbass region. Patrick Lancaster is one of the few that have since 2014.

    The Grayzone has not done its best in reporting on Ukraine. It bought into the narrative from Washington from the beginning. They are not vigliant as their Monroe Doctrine reporting from Central and South America. Same tactics are being carried out in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

  2. in spring the russian soldiers mentionned how they wondered (culture) that the ukrainian forces left the dead lying , neither taking back nor burying otherwise. (rather burning them if possible?). Russian soldiers seen burying them under a cross.

  3. My reaction to the whole mess in Ukraine stems from my horror at what NATO has done there for the last ten to fifteen years. Russia's response was surprisingly late and modulated. So this mass graves baloney never made the slightest sense to me, and it seemed almost essential that whatever was done was some Azov perpetration.

  4. 400 Graves and these american Youtubers are keeling over. If only they read some history. Actually written by a great Russian, who spent 30 years in the Gulags. Alexander Solzhenitsyn.
    In his book, 'The Gulag Archeipelago' he recounts the countless villages and towns destroyed by the Russians in Ukraine, 1940-41, as the Nazis advanced ever closer. Why some Ukrainians even ran to the Nazis with open arms. Only to be punished severly or killed, once the Russians reclaimed Ukraine. You see, Ukraine is the bastard child of Russia – smashed, destroyed, raped and pilfered time and again – way more than 400 bodies and jacking off from a distance. MUDZONE!

  5. Its obvious that this is Ukrainian Nazi's killing so Ukrainian citizens labelled collaborators. They have already been filmed & put on some pro Ukraine telegram channels. IN THESE film's you can clearly see yellow and blue arm bands on their arms shooting citizens & US intelligence has been helping the cleansing squads find targets through their activities on line like watching pro Russian channels & reading their messages on line. This is by association a war crime against the USA. As in B.u.c.#H,A Iszum is now feeling the wrath of the Nazi killing squads.

  6. Do not miss the video (somehow, still available on Youtube, even though ukranian authorities deleted it from Telegram and every other social media long ago) of deputy Ekaterina Ukrainsteva, announcing the "cleansing operation" of russian colaborators , the very video Scott refers to.

  7. I watched this interview on the full segment and I'm excited for you to continue including/adding more of these shorter clips of the longer discussions on your feed. It's an impactful strategy that allows us/me/your audience to grasp individual points without (in my case) becoming overwhelmed by so much information to process/seething rage to manage/corruption to take in/time to listen (which for me is a mysterious vanishing apparition). Thank you for all the work you do.

  8. I Bergen Belsen they striped the German Soldiers of their uniform and their dog tags to make them look as victims of German atrocities. This is the reason why there were so many naked bodies. Stalin put Russian soldier in German uniforms, who then burned down all the farms villages, killing their owners, but always left a few to report on German atrocities. This they did along the main roads 40 km on each side.

  9. This is getting pathetic. The Ukrainian government and the Russian government are both evil and trash. These goons act like Putin isn't a brutal capitalist. And they act like innocent people aren't being killed from this war. Russia didn't have to invade. What does Ukraine turning NATO really matter. They already have missiles pointed at Moscow in many other nations. It's pathetic to buy into this trashy war like it's a good thing. Max, Arron and Scott are not serious people. They are sociopathic and pathetic. Almost as pathetic as USA propagandists

  10. The mass grave in Izyum was full of dead Ukrainian civilians killed by shelling from the Ukronazi Terrorist Forces during their last FAILED offensive in the late spring.

    SLAVA ROSSIYA 🇷🇺#Z🇷🇺🙏🍻

    PS: If any Ukronazis from Myrotvorets are reading this, add me to your “Kill List” bitches. I AM your ENEMY

  11. Scott Ritter is a "former" intelligence officer. Never trust an intelligence officer. It's literally their job to sneak around and lie to people.

    One of the ways this works is that you take a guy like Scott, who has a lot of information most people don't. And you craft a message for him that makes it seems like Scott is telling the truth against the establishment. This endears him to the people who have already seen through the propaganda and builds Scott's credibility with them.

    Then when it's important you tell Scott to slip in some disinformation that will likely slip by the skepticism of the people who would normally distrust that message, but who've learned to trust Scott.

    Like I said, never trust an intelligence officer.

  12. People are still not fully aware of it, but none of us are going to walk away from this as if this conflict were situated the Middle East.

    Cities like London and Washington will be destroyed in the process as a condition even of negotiations – in February a world war had begun and the remaining power bloc will decide the course of 21st century international affairs.

    A traditionalist and populist America may still exist, but 300 years of 'radical enlightenment' will be rolled back to preserve it.

  13. Ask yourself why no definitive reports on Bucha , its been 6 months. If there were conclusive proof of war crimes they would have found it and broadcast it 24/7 the reason they haven't is that nearly all the victims were killed by artillery. As for Izyum the coverage shows marked graves some with crosses and photos some with just a number. Mass graves are a consequence of war the criminals are those that think how can we use this instead of how do we stop this.

  14. Western Governments and main stream media outlets are lying to their citizens, I am from Scotland UK and I for one know exactly who the bad guys are and who the good guys are in this totally western proxy war against Russia I have watched the videos, seen the people burned alive, seen the people killed by shelling and rocket fire, shot and killed at road blocks, while shopping at an open air market, the people and their vile ideology have poisoned Ukraine and the minds of Ukrainian people, and the western countries and America as the puppet master, along with these Billionaires and Nationalist groups and Kiev regime are using the Ukrainian people as cannon fodder in a proxy war against Russia, it is the DPR LPR Russian Federation and all their allies that are the good guys, it is they that are fighting the good fight the right fight and it is they that will be on the right side of History….❤🙏for all innocent Ukrainian people all the people of the Donbas region Russia and all their allies, you will Prevail….

  15. Well someone should ask the Koke head from Kiev and his western puppet masters of the reasoning to bury the dead in marked graves when Russia is allegedly operating the infamous “mobile crematorium’s” we have been told about over and over 🤦‍♂️
    This is why virtually everything that comes from Kiev is proven to be lies within 72 hours or less.

  16. Another version of "WMD's in Iraq" but here they peddle "war crimes" crap. Anything that comes out of western media is direct product of their inteligence services. They have zero journalist left just "inteligence assets" 😉

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