Are they having a laugh?? 😷

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Written by Carl Vernon


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  1. Clap! Clap! Clap!!! And, the hypocrisy is so evident. Every day I see these used masks on the ground. And, I am more concerned about this–because it has been on someone's face–than a person without a mask.

  2. What's interesting is this virus is supposed to be so bad but yet we do not have a hazardous waste container to throw these masks in. Makes you wonder how dumb you are. Makes you wonder who you believe. Makes you wonder if you are seeking and searching out the truth for yourself. It's getting so bad but yet not one professional or College sport has reported an outbreak on this virus.🤭 well how about that

  3. Oh aye..we did a sterling job of getting rid of plastic straws, then ‘welcomed’ in PPE, test kits, face coverings.. blah blah blah! 😤🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  4. Sadly, until folk come to their senses, any mask "littered" in towns and cities is a good mask. In fact, the best masks are those we kick at with our feet…

  5. A problem so threatening, terrifying yet no biohazard bins seen anywhere. In my state in the USA we rid ourselves of plastic straws so we can instead throw masks everywhere. Well done aye?

  6. Always blaming the public for the crap they manufacture, profit from and package in……typical. Offer no other options and condemn you for using them. It won't be any different for the rediculous forced mask parking lot decorations.

  7. I sewed one mask for myself out of an old pair of jeans , a bit of an old sheet for a lining and a shoelace to tie it around my head , it’s the only one I’ve used .

  8. It's quite simple really – when it becomes clear that a Regime has been installed in your particular part of the previously "free world" – you simply do not recognise its legitimacy and you do not comply with any of its demands, under any circumstance.

    You continue doing what you have always done and pretend as if they don't exist.

  9. I don' think 'The Consumer' decided what materials shall be used. Point at the 'Manufacturing / Packaging' industry, although, I do concede that there are a few disgusting and irresponsible individuals who could and should take more care and consideration when disposing of used items.

  10. They have known from the start that they are not and effective protection. ''They have holes that a virus can drive a bus through'', so said TV's Dr. Hillary, before they rewrote his script.

  11. Obviously to the mainstream led majority they will find the polluting of earth by the masks as acceptable as they are saving lives and protecting people. So no point in arguing with them as there is no point them arguing with us on matters we are resolute on.

  12. A public park is very close to my house and a major hospital the Ulster Hospital Dundonald is also very close to the park. Every day this park is littered with masks if they are so dangerous and toxic they should not be dropped especially as this park is used by many children same thing applies to car park and streets. We always had litter problems but these masks seem to have made things much worse.

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